The public consultation in 2010 sought input on:

  • The concept of a Downtown Arena and Entertainment facility 
  • The funding model for a Downtown Arena and Entertainment facility 
  • The impact of a Downtown Arena and Entertainment facility

Feedback was received through an online questionnaire, open houses, invited stakeholder sessions, and a statistically valid telephone survey.


  • Awareness of the discussion around a new arena is very high. 96% of respondents had heard of it.
  • 68% believe it will revitalize downtown

Overall support:

  • 59% support building an arena
  • Majority of people (67%) either agree or strongly agree that public money could be used as long as it does not raise property taxes or reallocate infrastructure funds

82% cited perceived benefits including (most mentions):

  • Economic benefits/more tax revenue (25%)
  • Downtown revitalization (17%)
  • Increased tourism (15%)


  • 56% support a mix of public/private funding
  • User-pay models are the most popular funding options (76%)
  • 53% strongly or somewhat disagree with the CRL concept, while 41% strongly or somewhat support
  • People are strongly in favour of a public/private agreement on financial risks and benefits.


People want to see some assurances if the City is to invest in this project. Those include discussions on:

  • How the local community will be consulted
  • How financial risk will be shared
  • A location agreement for the Oilers
  • The plan for Rexall Place
  • Public investment into arena, but not retail

Specifics of telephone survey:

  • In the field from December 20 – 23, 2010.
  • 800 randomly selected adults in Edmonton.
  • Representative sample. Data weighted to reflect accurate gender balance.
  • Considered accurate to +/-3.5%, 19 times out of 20.