The 2012 public consultation sought input on the schematic designs for the downtown arena and related facilities.

Feedback was received through various mediums:

  • An online questionnaire
  • Four open houses
  • A display and questionnaires at City Hall
  • Mail-out questionnaires
  • A stakeholder session with business, community and social agency representatives.

Overall the public response to the design was very favourable. Feedback also suggested that the public felt their input from previous public consultations had an impact and influenced the design of the facility.

There were six elements of the design examined in total:

Exterior Visuals

  • 82% agreed the Arena would be an identifiable image and landmark for Edmonton.
  • 79% agreed the Arena will enhance the visual attractiveness of the area.

Winter Garden

  • Over three quarters of the respondents felt the Winter Garden public space would benefit Edmontonians (78%), and that it effectively connected the areas north and south of 104th Avenue (76%).

Community Skating Rink

  • 79% saw the Community Rink as a valued recreation opportunity to the downtown and surrounding areas. 
  • 76% agreed the Community Rink is an important part of integrating the overall arena into the surrounding areas.

Community Integration

  • Nearly three quarters felt the Arena would be well connected to other downtown venues/sites (75%), and to nearby neighbourhoods and local businesses (74%).
  • 72% agreed the arena is designed to be open, welcoming and integrated into the local streetscape.
  • 74% agreed the arena would provide an anchor for revitalizing the surrounding area.

Interior Design and Sustainability

  • 80% agreed the interior design is attractive and makes good use of the interior spaces.
  • 73% felt the environmental sustainability is adequately addressed in the design.

Transportation and Parking

  • 62% were satisfied that the road system would accommodate the traffic.
  • 58% felt that the parking was adequate.

Most frequently heard comments

The most favourable aspects of the design were considered to be:

  • The exterior design is iconic.
  • The design’s potential to revitalize downtown.
  • The inclusion of the Community Skating Rink.

Edmontonians wanted to ensure that:

  • There is greater opportunity for interaction along 104 Avenue (for example more storefronts).
  • There is opportunity for public programming in the Winter Garden.
  • That the Arena be built/operated in an environmentally sustainable way.