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For events occurring on a road or sidewalk, see Road Events or Block Parties

For food trucks and other mobile businesses, see Vending Permit

Permits are typically not required for Garage Sales

Types of Permits

Two types of permits may apply to special events: 

  • Development permits ensures zoning approval is provided for activities to occur in appropriate locations
  • Building permits ensure structures are designed and built to be safe

Please refer to the information below to determine which permits may be required for your event.

Events not requiring permits must still comply with the Zoning Bylaw and Safety Codes Act

All events must: 

  • Plan for appropriate lighting and waste management practices
  • Return the site to its original condition

Permit Application Timelines 

Permit applications must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event start date.

Development Permit (Zoning Approval)

Development permits ensures zoning approval is provided for activities to occur in appropriate locations.

Events on Private Property

A development permit is not required when events are less than 7 consecutive days or 7 cumulative calendar days in the calendar year. Time required for set up and take down are not considered part of the event. 

For example: A weekly market held for more than 5 weeks will require a development permit.

Events on Public Property

Special events on non-roadway public property such as parks, plazas or squares typically do not require a development permit.  

Events occurring in parks may require a parkland licence. Complete the Application Form Selection Tool to be assigned to a City staff person who will help you understand which permits and licences are required.

Building Permit

Building permits ensure structures are designed and built to be safe. 

Building Permit Exemption

If your event meets the criteria below, you do not need to submit an application for permit review: 

  • Your event is one day in length. Time required for set up and take down are not considered part of the event
  • No custom-built structures (example: custom-built tents, stages, bleachers) 
  • No high-occupant-load facilities (large contained open spaces such as a beer gardens)
  • No plumbing, gas or electrical connections 
  • Tents and canopies that:
    • Cover less than 60 square metres (645 square feet) in total area
    • Are spaced at least 3 metres (10 feet) from other structures
    • Have fire retardant fabric label
    • Are not used for cooking

Examples of tent arrangements that do not require building permit review:

  • six 10’  x 10’  tents
  • two 15’ x 15 tents 
  • one 20’ x 30’ tent 
  • one 25’ x 25’ tent

Building Permit Application

If your event does not meet the criteria above, submit an application to enable City staff to determine if a permit is required. 

A building permit may not be required based on a number of factors including: number, type and arrangement of structures, service connections, anticipated number of guests and overall complexity of your site. 

Bouncy Castles and Play Structures

Permits will not be issued for structures not governed by the building code such as bouncy castles or other inflatable play structures, trampolines, slides, rope courses, and climbing walls. Approvals may be required from AEDARSA and safety protocols should always be followed. 

Trade Permit Exemptions

Plumbing and gas permit exemption: 

  • Residential-style barbecue with a 20 pound tank. No cooking in tents is allowed
  • Cooking is all in self-contained food trucks
  • No space heating or gas-fired water heating is being operated
  • Food truck is an inspected, self-contained unit and has a vending permit

Electrical permit exemption:

  • Small generator using less than 7500 watts, not requiring wheels to move, with cords plugged in directly.

Submit Your Application


Development Permit Fees 

General special event $375
Carnival $280


Trades Permits Inspection Fees

Permit Type  Minimum Fee Safety Code Fee Total
Gas Permit $172 $6.88 $178.88
Plumbing Permit $172 $6.88 $178.88
Electrical Permit $149 $5.96 $154.96

Overtime inspection fees may be charged for inspections conducted outside of business hours. For more information see 2021 Building Permit and Safety Codes Fees (effective January 1, 2021).

Fire Rescue Services Fees

Activity Minimum Fee Safety Code Fee Total
Review of event plans, maps, occupant load calculations, fire pit approval and an onsite inspection $135 $5.40 $142.40
Inspections outside of business hours $135 per inspector per hour. Minimum 2 hour charge.    Minimum $270

Additional fees may apply. For a complete list of fees see:  

How to Apply

Events on Public Property: 

  • Complete the Application Form Selection Tool to start your event planning. The City staff assigned to liaise with your event will help you understand how to apply for permits

Events on Private Property:

Application Requirements: 

Design drawings requirements:

  • Prepared by a person skillful in technical drawing, draftsperson, or professional
  • Minimum scale: 1/8"=1'- 0" or 1:100; Preferred scale: 3/16"=1'- 0” or 1:75
  • Metric or imperial units are accepted. Please use units consistently

After You Apply

Application Processing

City staff will review your application to ensure your proposal complies with the City of Edmonton Zoning Bylaw and applicable Safety Codes

Application processing times vary. Ensure your application is complete to reduce processing delays.

Changing Your Application or Permit

Changes to your submitted application may be subject to additional fees. 

To make changes after your application has been submitted Contact Us

Cancellation And/Or Refund Request Form

Requesting Mandatory Inspection(s)

To request inspections call: 

  • Building: Contact the Safety Codes Officer on your permit
  • Plumbing and gas: 780-496-3117
  • Electrical: 780-496-6674

You can also call 311 for service support. 


  • Share the project number listed on your building  permit with trades sub-contractors who can then claim the trade permits pre-paid with the application
  • Coordinate closely with the trades sub-contractors to ensure work is ready for  inspection
  • Carefully review your permit conditions to understand when inspections are required. Depending on the scale, complexity and context of your event, a fire inspector may conduct a joint inspection with the building inspector

For More Information

Events on Public Property


In Edmonton: 311
Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311
TTY: 780-944-5555

Complete the Application Form Selection Tool to be assigned to a City staff contact.

Events on Private Property

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