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Civic Events and Festivals Section provides support to event organizers who are coordinating events on outdoor public property and on parkland.

The City of Edmonton recognizes the significant role festivals and events play in the vibrancy of our community. Edmonton offers a wide variety of festivals and events, spanning all artistic genres and sporting activities that contribute to our city's quality of life.

What is a civic event?

While there are thousands of special events that occur in Edmonton each year which could be classified as 'civic events', many of these are simple gatherings such as meetings, weddings, birthday parties or picnics. These types of events tend to have fewer requirements and use a simpler booking process.

The Civic Events and Festivals Section works with special events, which can be defined as:

...organized gatherings celebrating a sporting, cultural, community or other type of unique occasion or theme, which occurs on, or impacts, City of Edmonton property (owned, leased or controlled by the City), which lasts for a limited or fixed duration, and provides the public with a unique leisure opportunity.

These tend to be more complex events, both large and small, which could require approvals from multiple City departments, require spaces that are not bookable through the City's other booking systems, or could have significant impact on traffic, pedestrians and surrounding community.

Ready to Apply?

Once you have determined where and when you want your event, and thought about what your event is and what activities it will include, you are ready to learn more about the Civic Events Application Process and submit an application.

Application Form Selection Tool

The City of Edmonton is pleased to offer public space to organizations and individuals wishing to plan events. Our selection tool is designed to display the appropriate application form information based on your location choice.

Events on Parkland, Open Space or Roadways

Events on City parks and green spaces, including events too large for a standard picnic site, will work with the Civic Events and Festivals Section or their Neighbourhood Resource Coordinators, depending on the location, to book space and obtain all necessary approvals and permits.

All events on City roads, sidewalks and alleyways will also work with the Civic Events and Festivals Section to book the space, notify and engage the necessary civic services and obtain approvals and permits.

Events in Recreation Facilities, Picnic Sites, and Gazebos

Events such as a birthday party in a recreation centre, a picnic or a family bbq at a City picnic site, or a small wedding in a gazebo, can usually be booked directly through the City's online facility booking process. A list of recreation centres and attractions available for bookings can be found on the Private Corporate, Social & Sports Events Rentals page.

Events on Private Property

Events taking place entirely on private property do not typically require a special event application; however, they do need to acquire all applicable permits for certain activities and must obey all laws and bylaws.  If the event may impact City property (roads, sidewalks or parks), a Civic Events Application will need to be submitted.

Venues available for events in public spaces or on City land.
Simply fill out the form to submit your event to the City's event calendar.

A road event is any event that utilizes roads for the majority of an event. Learn more about the requirements for planning a road event.

First time planning an event? Find out what you want to know from permits to fireworks to tents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the services the City can provide for my event? Will there be a cost associated with these services?

Services will be accessed for your event on an "as available" basis.

Once you have completed an Event Application or Confirmation of Use of Parkland Open Space and Facilities Form, City staff will work with you to identify the support services your event may require.

Typical support services include the following:

  • Special Event Policing
  • Rental and delivery of picnic tables and waste receptacles
  • Permits
  • Road closures
  • Medical services
  • Custodial services
  • Access to electrical panels

At our office, we understand that each and every event is different. The cost of your event is dependent on the incremental civic service fees associated with hosting your event on City property. Costs are allocated on a cost recovery basis only. Your Liaison will work with the various departments which are involved in hosting your event - to project their anticipated costs and make you aware of those costs prior to hosting your event.

This is my first time producing an event. Help?!

The Province of Alberta has produced a very helpful manual for festivals and events.

Setting the Stage - A Community-Based Festival & Event Planning Manual provides tools, templates and resources to help committees navigate through the planning, production and evaluation processes.

How do I book a venue?

To plan an event on City of Edmonton parkland, roadways, Churchill Square, or Centennial Plaza, please fill out an Event Application form and submit it to the Civic Events Office for approval.

Visit the Public Spaces and Events Office sections for more information.

I want to plan an event in a private facility or inside a City-owned facility – what do I do?

If you are planning an event in a private facility, or within an indoor City-owned facility, you likely will not need to contact the Civic Events Office.

However, please ensure that you adhere to the regulations outlined by the facility you are using.

For more information about City facilities, please visit our Rentals & Bookings section.

I want to renew my annual festival or event. What do I do?

Annual events and festivals in Edmonton are given first priority when booking City land and receiving event support. 

If you host a recurring event,​ you can submit the Special Events Application Form ​at any time to request space for your event. 

Event applications for the current year will be responded to within 4 weeks of the application date. Event applications for the following year will be responded to in the fall.

Please note: When submitting your renewal, we will only consider the same dates, times, and locations for your event. Additional or alternative dates will be considered to be new requests, and will be reviewed accordingly.

Can the City help promote my event?

The Events Calendar is provided as a public service.

The City of Edmonton publishes events based on submissions from event organizers.

To submit an event please use the submit an event form.

How can I get the City to sponsor my event?

The City of Edmonton sponsors a select number of one-time events and conferences.

To find out if your group's event or conference qualifies to apply for civic sponsorship, visit Sponsorships.

How can I get City funding for my event?

Your organization may be eligible for City of Edmonton grants. Please visit Grants and Funding for more information.

To apply for sponsorship for your event, follow the instructions on our Corporate Sponsorships page.

What happens after I submit my event application to the City?

The Civic Events Office will contact you and you will be assigned an Event Liaison to guide you through the process.

The Civic Events Office will review your submission and contact you to discuss your application.

If your application is approved, the Civic Events Office will work with you to arrange access to the civic services you might require (for example: road closures, permit applications, or special event policing).

Once we determine what services you require, we create a permit, and in some cases, a contract for use of the space that is based on your specific event requirements and its location.

The contract will also be based on the condition that you will provide a proof of insurance for your event of $2 million general liability.

The Organizer acknowledges and agrees that the Festival/Event is intended to be family-friendly, and all performances, exhibitions and activities carried on in any unrestricted area will conform to a family / general audience standard with respect to language and content. The Organizer shall not permit any performances, exhibitions or activities that promote or incite racism, hatred, discrimination, harassment, or violence.

I have other questions. Help?!

Please review our Plan an Event FAQ – it is a very helpful resource.

If you have further questions, please contact the Civic Events Office at or 780-944-7740 and we will be happy to assist you.

For More Information

Civic Events and Festivals Section


Before you call: please note that we can only assist you with events taking place on Roads, Plazas/Squares, or in River Valley Parks. Please visit Application Process: Neighbourhood Parks or Block Parties to book those type of events.

Fax 780-944-0042

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