Please do your part to keep you and your pets safe in off-leash parks with water features. Practice ice safety by keeping pets away from all bodies of water and ice. The thickness of the ice can be deceiving and there are weak areas that can give way at any moment.

Tips To Keep Your Pup Safe

  • Ensure your dog obeys your voice commands before going near a body of water.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and keep your dog in sight at all times.
  • If necessary, keep your dog on a leash around water during fall and spring freeze-thaw cycles (typically between November to December and March to April).
  • It is never safe to walk on the ice of the North Saskatchewan River, no matter the season.
    The thickness of the ice can be deceiving.

If a dog or a person falls in the water call 911 immediately. This includes the river, a stormwater pond, drainage outfall or other water body. Keep an eye on the individual or pet but do not attempt to rescue them yourself.