Potholes are an unavoidable occurrence on Edmonton streets due to our harsh weather conditions. In fact, City crews filled over 500,000 potholes in 2019. Unfortunately, potholes can cause damage to tires, rims and vehicles however the City is not legally responsible for pothole damage in most circumstances.

Report a Pothole to help the City keep the streets safe for users.

Before You Make a Claim

The City of Edmonton strives to keep its roads in a reasonable state of repair and fix potholes promptly. Drivers should take particular care to watch for potholes during times of freeze-thaw and in the spring months.

If you have experienced vehicle damage due to a pothole, you may have the ability to file a claim with your own insurer.

In accordance with Provincial law, the City of Edmonton may accept a pothole damage claim if all the following criteria are met:

  • The condition of the roadway was outside the reasonable state of repair, accounting for the character of the road in question and area of the City 
  • The City knew, or ought to have known, of the state of disrepair
  • The City had not taken reasonable steps to prevent the disrepair from occurring
  • The road in question falls under City jurisdiction, is not a private road or a provincial highway
  • Written notice of the incident is provided to the City within thirty (30) days of the occurrence

Claimants should be aware that less than 10% of submitted claims in 2018 met these legal criteria and were determined to be valid claims.

Roadways Covered by the Province of Alberta.

The Province of Alberta is responsible for operations and maintenance of certain highways within the boundaries of the City of Edmonton. This includes:

  • Anthony Henday Drive, including all ramps
  • Highway 15 (Manning Drive), north of Anthony Henday Drive
  • Highway 2 (Gateway Boulevard/Calgary Trail), south of Anthony Henday Drive
  • Highway 16 (Yellowhead Trail), west of Anthony Henday Drive

If your claim falls within these areas, we suggest that you contact Alberta Transportation to present your claim. More information can be found at the Province of Alberta Claim Information website Province of Alberta Claim Information or contact Service Alberta 310-0000 toll free.

Making a Pothole Damage Claim

In order to ensure fairness and consistency to our citizens and taxpayers, City claims adjusters carefully review each pothole claim in relation to the provincial legislation and City legal responsibility.

Claims are considered only after going through the evaluation process, to ensure the City has properly assessed its level of responsibility for an incident. Visit Claims Management page for more information about making a claim.

Should a claim be denied, you can have the decision reviewed by the Claims Supervisor in the Claims Management section.

You must submit a request in writing to the Claims Management section, including all additional information to support your position.

If the Claims Supervisor denies your claim and you wish to further pursue the matter, we recommend you consult a legal professional to discuss your options.

To make a damage claim, claimants must submit a completed eClaim form. Visit Claims Management for more information about making a claim.