Submit this form to request a residential parking permit and visitor pass.


All permits expire September 30 of the current year. Permits must be placed at bottom left side of the windshield (driver’s side). 


A replacement ‘permit’ can be obtained when the original permit is no longer available due to a new windshield or vehicle sale.


Permits are available to residents of single family homes and multi-family buildings under 4 storeys in height within the program area.

  • Valid vehicle registration(s) is required for all vehicles for new applications and renewals

  • If your Registration does not match the address for the Permit, a Temporary Residential Parking Permit may be required in the interim

  • Temporary residents or Applicants using a vehicle registered to an individual other than the Applicant will only qualify for a Temporary Residential Parking Permit

  • Vehicles registered to a Post Office Box or Business are not eligible

  • Owners of a business are eligible if they reside at the address and the vehicle is registered to that address

  • Passes are non-transferable

Conditions for Visitor Parking Pass
Valid Area

Permit/passes are valid within 2 blocks of the address on the permit.


There are no replacement ‘visitor passes’. The visitor parking areas are assigned to Mini, Rossdale, Royal Gardens and UA-4 (Windsor Park). Two (2) visitor passes per address per year are issued. Additional passes are not issued even if lost or stolen.


Visitor passes are for the use of the residents within those restricted residential parking areas to allow individuals who are visiting, to park adjacent to or in close proximity of the address as stated on the front of the pass.


Visiting is an act or instance of visiting a person, place or thing be it with a resident or residence.


It is the responsibility of the owner of the visitor parking pass to inform all members of the household and visitors on the correct use of the passes.

Not Used For

Allowing people to use your visitor pass to attend classes or commuter parking is contrary to the program guidelines and is considered abuse. Any abuse of the visitor parking pass, confirmed by the community league, will result in the cancellation of the current visitor parking pass issued to the household for the remainder of the permit/pass year and the denial to renew visitor passes for the following permit year.

  • By signing this form I (we, the household) agree to the conditions of the visitor parking pass

  • By not signing this form, the resident waves the right to obtain the visitor parking passes.

How To Apply

1. Please indicate the number of vehicles requiring a permit at that address:

Personal Information required by City of Edmonton application forms is collected under authority of sections 33(a) and (c) of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act. Your personal information will be used to process your application(s). Please be advised that your name, address and details related to your permit may be included on reports that are available to the public as required or allowed by legislation. If you have any questions, please contact Brian Murphy at 780-944-0040.