Photo of Blatchford with old air traffic control tower

Blatchford is an urban community in the heart of Edmonton, designed to be a great neighbourhood for families, a catalyst for transformational land development, and a path towards a more resilient future.

City building is about long-term decisions. Once you’ve developed land, you can’t start over again. Decisions last for generations.

Blatchford combines the best of mature neighbourhoods ⁠— central living, connected streets, vibrant public spaces ⁠— with sustainable features that will make the community resilient, including renewable energy and low-impact design, paths and public transit, high building standards and a diversity of housing.

While the neighbourhood continues to evolve, the project continues to build from a vision statement approved by Edmonton City Council in 2010: “Blatchford will be home to up to 30,000 Edmontonians living, working and learning in a sustainable community that uses 100 percent renewable energy, is carbon neutral, significantly reduces its ecological footprint, and empowers residents to pursue a range of sustainable lifestyle choices.”