‘Missing Middle’ housing welcomes new people into older communities and provides housing options for people at every stage of life and income level.

'Missing Middle' refers to multi-unit housing that falls between single detached homes and tall apartment buildings. 
It includes: 

  • Row housing 
  • Courtyard housing
  • Tiny Home communities
  • Stacked Row housing/Walk-up apartments
  • Low-rise (4-storey) apartments
  • Mid-rise (6-storey) apartments
  • Triplexes/fourplexes

These have largely been absent from Canadian cities, including Edmonton.

Missing  Middle Housing Diagram

What the City is Doing

The City Plan, which will be completed in 2020, will set a goal of creating welcoming communities to grow our city to 2 million. Housing choices and how we can integrate more housing in the ‘missing middle' range will help us reach this goal.