Energy Centre One with the city skyline in the background

Blatchford is building a more resilient future with renewables and energy efficiency, low-impact development, and an emphasis on community infrastructure.

Cities account for nearly half of Canada’s carbon emissions. 

Whether it’s roads or public transit, homes or neighbourhoods, infrastructure lasts for decades. Poor choices end up costing more and reducing flexibility. 

Climate change is a city problem. By building in flexibility and efficiency, Blatchford fits into the City of Edmonton’s plans for a climate resilient city. Laneway and multi-family housing increases density. High efficiency standards conserve energy. Boulevard trees create shade, while community orchards and gardens provide food. Spaces for walking and separate bike lanes expand options for getting around, while narrower streets are safer and less costly. 

With its emphasis on renewable energy, Blatchford is also implementing City Council’s vision for a carbon neutral community that empowers sustainable choices.