Man and woman doing backyard composting.

Want To Learn About Composting?

These 2-hour workshops provide you with everything you need to start composting. If you begin in spring, you will have finished compost to spread in the fall.

We also have soil-focused presentations for experienced gardeners to help you reach your food-growing and soil-building goals.



What You Will Learn

You will learn the "Greens Browns Water Air" approach to maintaining a compost pile. This approach uses simple scientific principles to guide your composting experience and is flexible to fit your lifestyle. You'll feel empowered to compost almost anything.

You'll know what not to compost and why, and where to use caution.

You'll see a dozen different compost systems at work, and be able to use the tools before you buy anything, to find what works best for you.

You'll learn how our climate affects our soil and get some tips for composting year-round. Yes, even in January!

You'll learn how compost contributes to turning our silty-clay soil into deep, rich topsoil and how other simple gardening strategies will build soil faster.

Watch this Composting Basics video.

So Many Ways to Learn

For a quarter century, Edmontonians have come to Compost ‘S cool to learn about soil. We’re celebrating by delivering more of what we do best.

Dress warmly, we'll be outdoors!

Free, donations of kitchen scraps and lawn clippings are gratefully accepted.

Soil-Focused Presentations

Are you a food grower, nature lover, or environmentalist?

These two-hour presentations contain similar information about soil and plants, but each has a different focus. Free, but donations of kitchen scraps and lawn clippings are gratefully accepted.

For more information call 780-496-5526.

Soil Building workshops explain how clay becomes soil and how plants take nutrients from the soil.  If your goal is healthy food then this is for you.  Sign up here.

  • Saturday, July 11 at 1pm
  • Saturday, September 5 at 9:30am

#BeTheBison explores what was lost when the prairies lost the Bison. Without Alberta’s great herds our soil has degraded and biodiversity is threatened. Discover how each of us can adapt our gardening habits to fill the niche and become the Bison. Sign up here.

  • Sunday, June 21 at 9am

Carbon Farming is horticulture’s answer to climate change. When you garden in a way that takes carbon out of the atmosphere and stores it in and on the soil, you’re a carbon farmer. Sign up here.

  • Saturday, August 1 at 1pm

Tired of Fighting Weeds?

Learn how different plants contribute to your soil so you can use them instead of fighting them. We'll be pulling and composting weeds growing in Edmonton's River Valley.  Sign up here.

  • Saturday, June 13 at 9am
  • Saturday, July 11 at 9am
  • Saturday, August 1 at 9am
  • Saturday, August 29 at 9am
Host a Workshop In Your Community

Host a workshop for your social club or Community Garden.

Free to not-for-profit groups in the Edmonton region. To book call 780 496 5526.

Topics range from basic to more advanced:

  • Home Composting
  • Mulching
  • Indoor Composting (Worms or Bokashi)
  • Soil Building
  • #BeTheBison
  • Working with Weeds
  • Carbon Farming