Find low-cost, pre-screened workers to help seniors with a variety of jobs around the home.

The Seniors Home Supports Program gives seniors referrals to vetted service providers (businesses, community groups and individuals) offering these types of services. Seniors are not charged for referrals but they will pay a fee to the service provider for completing the work.  The City of Edmonton is offering snow removal subsidies to those seniors that qualify through this program

6 seniors organizations are working together to provide this coordinated system that serves all parts of Edmonton. Seniors contact the organization that serves their part of the city. 

Central: Central Lions ​Seniors Association

Mill WoodsMill Woods Seniors Association

North EastNorth Edmonton Seniors Association

North West: North West Edmonton Seniors Society

South East: South East Edmonton Seniors Association

South West: South West Edmonton Seniors Association

West: Westend Seniors Activity Centre