The Citizen and New Arrival Information Centre is in City Hall in downtown Edmonton, close to the Churchill LRT station.

Centrally located on the main floor of City Hall in downtown Edmonton, the Centre offers assistance in over 150 languages. New arrivals can talk with an agent and pick up information on:

If agents can’t provide the requested information, visitors will be referred to someone who can.

Why is this service important?

This extends the information services all ready available to all residents of Edmonton.  In addition, agents are trained to more directly meet the needs of new arrivals to our city. Offering all Edmontonians a central location where they can come to have their questions answered is important to help everyone feel connected to their city, to City programs and services and to each other. 

Can new arrivals get information any other way?

In addition to the information provided through this website, Edmontonians can get information on City services by calling 311 available 7 day a week from 7am-7pm (closed holidays).

The Citizen and New Arrival Information Centre adds to this mix of information services by providing a centralized in-person support.