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Edmonton is a city that is rich in history and diversity, encompassing Indigenous Peoples, settlers, and more recent migrants. Every year, more than 12,000 people move here from other countries. Indeed, immigrants make up a quarter of our city’s population and speak more than 125 languages. 

The first of five annual reports, “Belonging: Stories of the Dignity and Resilience of Immigrants” explores the many strengths migrants bring and the challenges they experience in our city. It connects the wisdom, lived experience, commitment, and collaboration of many diverse individuals from settlement and immigrant-serving agencies, thought leaders from multiple sectors, people with lived migration experience, and City of Edmonton employees.      

Community-based researchers conducted a focused literature review and examined more than 40 policies that affect migrants and newcomers, in order to provide context for how to build a city that works well for everyone, and in which everyone has a strong sense of belonging.

Belonging: Capturing the Complexity of the Human Experience

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Supporting Research

An Integrated Lived Experience and Policy Research Report
(March 2021)