Five Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Management Plans are available for the Corporate Climate Leaders Program (CCLP) members as "sample" plans to assist them with the development of their own corporate GHG Management Plan. Developing a GHG Management Plan is a requirement to fully participate and meet the CCLP objectives. 

The above sample plans reflect the following core attributes:

  • Agree to public disclosure of their GHG Management Plan
  • Target or include physical assets in the City of Edmonton 
  • Clearly identify opportunities to reduce GHG emissions
  • Articulate actions that target GHG emissions
  • Represent corporations working in diverse economic sectors with unique operational features and varying staff size
  • Inspire CCLP members to develop high quality and robust GHG Management Plans that help them reduce their indirect and direct GHG emissions

GHG Management Plan Outline is also available for those who require further guidance to develop their own GHG Management Plan.