Edmonton’s Home Energy Retrofit Accelerator  helps you save money and upgrade your home

Edmonton’s  Home Energy Retrofit Accelerator is a program that helps you understand your home’s emissions, and provides rebates for upgrades including high-efficiency furnaces, insulation, hot water heaters, windows, drain water heat recovery, and more.

To start the process, an expert will come to your home and give you a Home Energy Evaluation, which will guide you on how to make your home more energy efficient. You get a rebate towards your EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation plus rebates for  energy efficiency upgrades to your home.

The Home Energy Retrofit Accelerator is a program of the City of Edmonton designed to help homeowners understand their home’s energy performance, increase energy efficiency, and reduce greenhouse gases.

Visit the program website to start your retrofit journey today.

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Edmonton’s Home Energy Map

This map of EnerGuide labels allows people to compare the energy performance between Edmonton homes, making residential greenhouse gas emissions and energy use more visible for everyone.