The City of Edmonton's Office of Emergency Management creates, implements and maintains an all hazards emergency management program that prepares the City to respond to and recover from major emergencies and disasters.

The Office of Emergency Management also conducts training and exercises with City staff and stakeholders on a regular basis, as well as promotes community resilience through personal emergency preparedness.

Individuals, families and businesses can support our community's resiliency by doing their part in being personally prepared for up to 72 hours and ensuring their emergency plans and business continuity plans are in place.

Get Ready in the Park
Each year, the City of Edmonton's Office of Emergency Management organizes an event called Get Ready in the Park that coincides with Emergency Preparedness Week. This annual event is free, informative and interactive fun for the whole family! 

Areas Within the Office of Emergency Management

Emergency Operations Centre

During a disaster or major emergency, the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) brings together representatives from the City of Edmonton and the emergency response community to strategically coordinate resources in support of response and recovery activities.

There are more than 300 staff (from city departments, partnering organizations and agencies) that are trained to staff the EOC during a major incident, disaster or emergency.

Emergency Support Response Team

The Emergency Support Response Team (ESRT) is an operational unit that provides support to people displaced from their homes during an emergency or disaster, addressing immediate needs such as shelter, food and clothing.

Depending on the type and severity of the emergency, ESRT may activate Reception Centres for people displaced from their homes.

If a Reception Centre is established in your area or community, and you live in the affected area, it is IMPORTANT to personally register - even if you do not require assistance and choose to stay with family or friends. Emergency responders use the registration process to ensure all affected residents are accounted for and safe.

Emergency Management Agency

The City Manager is the Director of the Agency, which consists of the Deputy Fire Chief of Emergency Management and Planning, the Office of Emergency Management, the Deputy City Managers, the City Solicitor, the Chief of Police and the Fire Chief.

Emergency Advisory Committee

The Mayor is the Chair and all City Councillors are members of the Emergency  Advisory Committee.

Business Continuity Management

The Office of Emergency Management provides strategic policy direction and leadership to the City of Edmonton’s Business Continuity Management Program. The program coordinates proactive pre-planning which helps City departments anticipate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disruptions. It provides a roadmap for continuing operations under adverse conditions and during disruptions caused by all types of incidents, emergencies and crises.