Fall Service Changes

To support a vibrant and safe city, ETS is committed to delivering a service that connects Edmontonians to the urban places they need and want to go through safe, reliable and convenient transit service. Five times each year, ETS reviews rider feedback, schedules, service levels and routes to ensure we’re providing the right amount of service at the right time. These adjustments start September 4. Please plan ahead and double check your routes and schedules.

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Rail Safety Week
From September 19-25, Rail Safety Week reminds people of the importance of always being safe around trains, tracks and rail crossings.

Be aware of your surroundings, look both ways before crossing LRT tracks at a designated rail crossing, and listen for any warning bells.

National Day of Trust and Reconciliation service
On September 30, buses run regular weekday schedules, with no public, catholic and post-secondary school trips.

Thanksgiving Day service
On October 10, buses and Capital/Metro Line LRT runs on regular Sunday schedules.

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Please check back regularly for ongoing updates.