Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) offers customers reserved parking at select locations.

The City's paid Park & Ride Program is managed by Impark. To reserve a stall, get on a waiting list or for general information, visit the Impark website or call 1-877-909-6199.

There is also a Paid Park & Ride lot near Southgate Station at Southgate Centre. This lot is managed by Southgate Centre via Concord Parking.

Reserved Parking

Due to high customer demand, the number of reserved parking stalls increased at Clareview, Belvedere and Stadium. 

Paid Park & Ride stalls are available for transit customers who wish to pay for a reserved monthly parking stall at the following LRT Stations:

Clareview LRT – South West Parking Lot

Belvedere LRT – East Parking Lot

Stadium LRT – North Parking Lot

Parker Pete Services (offered by Impark) provides free service to reserved parking customers for fuel, lock-out, dead battery, and flat tire issues.


The cost for a reserved Park & Ride stall is $50 per month (plus GST).

Reserved stalls are located in a dedicated area for customers who have purchased a monthly parking pass on a first come, first served basis. Customers with a reserved stall can park anywhere in the dedicated area. There are no assigned reserved parking stalls. A parking pass will be given to customers and must be visibly displayed on the car’s rear view mirror.

The City's reserved parking areas are indicated by the following sign:

Reserved Parking Area Sign


A monthly parking pass entitles customers to reserved parking from 6am to 5pm on weekdays and statutory holidays. After 5pm on evenings, and all day on weekends, the entire ETS lot (including the reserved parking section) opens to all ETS customers for free.

Note: This does not apply to privately owned lots, such as the ProCura-managed parking lot at Century Park.

At the Stadium parking lot, the hours permitted for transit parking are clearly marked. Customers will be notified if the lot needs to be vacated due to Stadium events.

Metered Parking

On the recommendation of City Council, ETS is running a 6-month pilot project with short-term metered parking at our LRT stations. These meters are available at Clareview, Belvedere and Stadium, and are able to be reserved for up to 3 hours for short-term use.

Alternate Free Parking

Some free parking is still available at LRT Park & Ride locations on a first come first served basis. Space is limited and customers are encouraged to arrive early, carpool or travel to LRT stations by bus. The City's free parking areas are indicated by the following sign:

Free Parking Area Sign

Additional free parking is available at Meadows, Lewis Farms and Eaux Claires transit centres, along with the Davies Lot. Customers may wish to use bus services to reach their destination, including express service.

Contacting IMPARK

IMPARK manages the day-to-day operations of selling monthly parking passes, inquiries/complaints and the enforcement of the 3 Paid LRT Park & Ride lots. Call 1-877-909-6199 or visit Impark's website for information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to purchase a stall at the Paid Park & Ride?

An ETS paid parking stall can be reserved for $50 a month (including GST) at selected Edmonton Transit Park and Ride locations. Customers can not purchase daily or weekly passes.

There is an administration fee of $25 (+GST) to cover initial account set up.
What are the Paid Park & Ride parking hours?

A monthly parking pass will entitle you to park from 6am to 5pm on weekdays and statutory holidays. On weekends and evenings, parking remains free to all ETS customers. At Stadium Parking Lot, the hours permitted for transit parking will be clearly marked and customers will be notified if the parking lot would need to be vacated by 5pm due to Stadium related events.

Where are the paid parking lots located?

The paid parking lots are located at the following LRT stations;

  • Clareview LRT – South West Parking Lot (577 stalls)
  • Belvedere LRT – North West Parking Lot (129 stalls)
  • Stadium LRT – North Parking Lot (163 stalls)


Who is eligible to buy a paid parking pass?
The paid parking pass is offered to ETS customers only. The pass is intended to be used by daily commuters who use ETS LRT and bus service. 

Can I transfer my parking pass to another lot?
Paid parking passes are only valid at one specific paid parking lot. Customers will be ticketed and towed if they park in a different paid parking lot.
How will the Paid Park & Ride be enforced?
Enforcement signage will be located throughout the paid parking lots. Unpaid customers will be ticketed and towed at their own expense.
What happens if I am Paid Parking customer and I am parked in the paid parking after 5PM?

Paid Parking is enforced from 6am to 5pm. Paid and unpaid ETS customers are welcome to park at all paid stalls after 5pm free of charge based on availability. Make note, Stadium Paid Parking customers will need to vacate by 5pm on posted Stadium event days. 72 hour notices will be provided on site.

Will disabled ETS customers have to pay for a disabled parking stall at selected Paid Park & Ride lots?

No, disabled ETS customers will continue to have free access to disabled parking stalls at the Paid Park & Ride lots. Disabled Parking Decals must be displayed at all times.

What will happen to the car pool stalls at selected Paid Park & Ride lots?

The car pool stalls will continue to exist. They have been relocated to the unpaid Park & Ride.

What do I do if my vehicle has been towed?

Contact Impark at 1-780-420-1976 if your vehicle has been towed.

Note: Parking at all lots is restricted to a maximum 24 hour limit.