A Message of Thanks

Thank you to the residents, communities, organizations, industry, and other city-building partners who have contributed to developing our planning tools over the past 50 years. 

Edmonton is the city it is today in large part due to the many positive contributions of Edmontonians and the countless hours they have provided feedback on how we shape the communities we call home. As the city evolves, we acknowledge the hard work it has taken to get up to this point and take the bold steps necessary to achieve our larger city-building goals.

The following documents are provided for historic reference purposes only and are no longer used in land-use decisions. ​Planning tools on this page are no longer maintained.

More information about historical City of Edmonton plans and planning is available through the City of Edmonton Archives.

Understanding the Names and Acronyms

Acronyms are used to reference the plans:

  • ASP: Area Structure Plan
  • NASP: Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan
  • NIP: Neighbourhood Improvement Plan
  • NSP: Neighbourhood Structure Plan
  • ARP: Area Redevelopment Plan
  • SCDB: Servicing Concept Design Brief
  • OP: Outline Plan

These archived planning tools range in size from 500KB to 22MB and may take several minutes to download. To help keep the file size at a minimum, the maps provided in the consolidations may not be of the highest quality. To obtain a quality print document or map please contact Urban Planning and Economy at 780-496-6165.