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Attend a free, online public information and Q&A session on April 22, 23 or 24, 2024. Learn more about District Planning, the changes made to the draft District Policy and plans since late 2023, and how to participate in the upcoming public hearing. 

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District Planning is about changing the way we plan and support development. The intent is to move Edmonton towards The City Plan vision of a healthy, urban, climate resilient city where everyone enjoys easy access to amenities and services close to home. 

Since a plan for every neighbourhood isn’t feasible — Edmonton has over 300 neighbourhoods — The City Plan groups collections of neighbourhoods into 15 districts. District Planning streamlines our planning framework by making a plan for each district.

These plans will help guide development, and infrastructure and amenity investment in each district. Developing the plans involved carefully reviewing and analyzing existing geographic plans and guidelines to determine if they should be kept, changed or retired.

District Planning is not about restricting movement, monitoring people or tracking an individual’s carbon emissions. Districts will not be self-contained and people will continue to travel however they choose, to wherever they want in the city.