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A joint research project between MacEwan University and the City of Edmonton to improve the growth and survival of woody species in urban Edmonton.

In spring 2017, Dr. Karen Christensen-Dalsgaard of MacEwan University partnered with the City of Edmonton on a five-year research project with the purpose of improving the growth and survival of woody species in the Edmonton urban area.

Research Plots

The MacEwan research team is continuing work on 15 experimental plots that were established by the Anne Naeth lab from the University of Alberta in 2014. The continuation of the project will focus on the health and competitive interactions of the plants during the establishment phase. Further, the MacEwan team will visit additional naturalization sites to monitor survival of recently planted wooden seedlings in selected urban greenspaces. Several roadway and industrial naturalization areas are included.

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In addition, the team will use dendrochronological techniques (also know as tree-ring dating) on tree cookies from mature trees provided by the City to study how long-term environmental stressors affect the growth of trees in Edmonton’s urban forest.

Research Background

Learn the history of the 2014 University of Alberta and City of Edmonton partnership research.