To protect the environment, spills should be stopped, cleaned up appropriately and reported to the correct authorities.

Call 9-1-1 if the spill is:


  • an emergency; or
  • not contained; or
  • uncontrolled; or
  • if you are unsure about the risks.
Call the Alberta Environmental Hotline 1-800-222-6514:
  • to report a release of a substance into the environment that may cause, is causing or has caused an adverse effect; or
  • if the spill has happened in the past and you want to ensure appropriate cleanup of the land.
Call 3-1-1 for general inquiries or if the spill is:
  • on the roadway; or
  • entering or in the river or pond; or
  • entering the sewer system, a manhole or a catch basin; or
  • if you observe dumping on private property; or
  • if you observe a truck dumping fluids.
Submit a written report to Fire Prevention within 24 hours if the spill or leak comes from a storage tank system or containers (not in transport) that are greater than 50 L.