Environmental considerations are part of all activities and operations within the City of Edmonton.  While performing services and operations on behalf of the City of Edmonton, contractors must understand their environmental responsibilities.

Contractors include:

  • Construction, Operation, Maintenance and Service activities
  • Hired equipment
  • Consultants

As a City of Edmonton contractor, your performance during all contractual obligations is critical to our commitment to protect the environment and comply with all environmental legislation.

As our operations are certified to the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management systems, the City monitors the environmental performance of our employees and contractors.

The City of Edmonton ensures that employees and contractors understand their environmental responsibilities, including the potential environmental impact of their work.

The City of Edmonton's Environmental Policy

Contractors will be required to read and understand the City of Edmonton's Environmental Policy (C512). The Policy contains the following three key commitments:

  • Continual Environmental Improvement
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Regulatory Compliance

Additional Information for Contractors

Additional information and requirements may be provided in tender documents. These additional requirements may include information on applicable operating procedures and/or work instructions. In all cases, contractors must carefully review tender documents and understand the associated requirements.

As appropriate, information sessions may be conducted prior to the commencement of work.