dandelion in turf Going Green on Turf Maintenance

Keeping our city "green" means respecting the environment. The City of Edmonton is committed to turf maintenance practices that make economic and environmental sense. As outlined in our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Policy, the City minimizes the use of pesticides and uses them responsibly when they are required.

Naturalization is a vegetation management strategy used wherever appropriate to control and prevent weeds.

Herbicide Reduction

Research into biological rather than chemical weed control is being pursued. Only when necessary is herbicide applied to control noxious weeds, and weeds that would impact safety and enjoyment of our green spaces (broadleaf weeds are managed on active turf like sports fields to reduce slip and trip risks; see IPM for Landscapes in British Columbia).

All herbicide applications meet Environmental Protection legislation and Broadleaf Weed Control Standards established by City Council. Strict safety precautions are taken to protect public, employees and environmental health.

Spraying information is advertised in local community newsletters and newspapers. Signs at treatment sites are posted to inform the public of herbicide application for 48 hours after spraying.