Chevy trucks sign

History and details about the Chevy Bowtie Trucks neon sign.

The Hood Motor Company was established by Gordon Hood in 1951, although the building on Whyte Avenue and 107 Street was not completed until January 1952.

Mr. Hood, who was raised on a ranch near Castor, Alberta, came to Edmonton in 1936 after years working in auto body shops in south and central Alberta. The Whyte Avenue Oldsmobile and Chevy dealership and automotive shop soon became “the most complete car service shop in Edmonton”, according to the Edmonton Journal. In 1959, Hood Motors added an eye-catching double-decker show room to the dealership, which is probably when the Chevy Bowtie Trucks sign was added. Hood sold the company at the end of 1961 to the recently-arrived Don Wheaton, who was an experienced car dealer from Saskatchewan.

Don Wheaton’s dealership was the largest General Motors (GM) distributor in Western Canada. It was also one of Canada’s biggest sellers for Corvettes. GM eventually requested that Don Wheaton renovate its exterior design to a more modern appearance, similar to the standard corporate dealership exterior. Although the retro appearance of the Don Wheaton building maintained from Hood Motors was favoured by the neighbourhood, many of the neon signs were eventually removed, and the dealership’s exterior was renovated.

Don Wheaton retained some of their neon signs and placed one on the corner of 107 Street and Whyte Avenue. The remaining neon signs on the roof were kept in place.

This sign was donated by: Scott Caruth

This sign was generously restored by: Skyline Sign Services Ltd.