Hayden's Furniture sign

The Rocking Chair of Hayden's Furniture became a landmark in their early years of business.

Marv Hayden opened his doors as “Marv Hayden's Furniture” in November 1964 at 10347 80 Avenue in Old Strathcona. Douglas Wright joined Hayden in the fall of 1966 and became a partner soon after. In 1968, the iconic rocking chair sign was created by Frank Demskie, Sharon Wright's father, of XL Neon Signs.

The Marv Hayden “Rocking Chair” became a landmark in the city of Edmonton. In the early years of business, the Grandma sat in the chair but would leave for a brief period of time for a rabbit during Easter and for Santa during Christmas. This ended in the mid 1970s, and Grandma stayed seated to greet people for the remaining years of the business.

Doug and Sharon Wright became sole owners in 1983, and their daughter, Jaime Eaton, joined the family business soon after. The name was changed to Hayden's Home Furnishings when the business moved locations to 10181 34 Avenue in 2002. Due to Grandma’s age, she required a little TLC prior to the move.

After a successful 49 and a half years, Doug and Sharon decided to retire and closed the doors in April of 2013. Their son, Blayne Wright, had the rocking chair, along with Grandma, removed and refurbished. Soon after, Blayne surprised the family without their knowledge by donating the sign to the Neon Sign Museum in 2016.

This sign was donated by: Blayne Wright

This sign was generously restored by: Skyline Sign Services Ltd.