Glenora Fountain

Working to conserve the unique character of Glenora through sensitive development that complements and contributes to the neighbourhood.

Project on Hold
The Glenora Heritage Character Area project is currently paused. This page will be updated when the project resumes.

Project Overview

The Glenora community encompasses one of the city’s richest collections of historic residences and is recognized as a pre-eminent example of a garden city suburb in Canada. 

Residents and members of the Old Glenora Conservation Association (OGCA) have expressed their concerns to City Council about the loss of historic resources in the area. They have asked the City to explore developing special area zoning to ensure new developments complement the historic nature of the Glenora neighbourhood.

As a result of these efforts, the City conducted an inventory of historic resources in Glenora. The resulting report identified three unique character areas in Glenora south of Stony Plain Road:

  • 102 Avenue Character Area
  • Capital Hill Character Area
  • Old Glenora Character Area (also known as the Carruthers area)

In December 2018, City Council approved a project to undertake a Direct Development Control Provision (DC1) exercise for the Glenora character areas. 

Project Goal

  • To develop zoning that will manage the character of the area so that elements that contribute to the heritage value and character of identified Glenora character areas are preserved while allowing for complementary changes

Project Objectives 

  • Implement development criteria to guide new development that is sensitive and complementary to the character of Glenora 
  • Ensure that, where feasible, the Zoning Provision is consistent with current zoning standards and broader City policies and objectives 

Direct Development Control Provision (DC1) zoning tools have been used to enhance and protect the local character in a number of other historic character areas in Edmonton, such as the Westmount Architectural Heritage Area and the Strathcona Historical Commercial Area.