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Working to conserve the unique character of Glenora through sensitive development that complements and contributes to the neighbourhood.

Project on Hold
The Glenora Heritage Character Area project is currently paused. This page will be updated when the project resumes.

Project Overview

The Glenora community encompasses one of the city’s richest collections of historic residences and is recognized as a pre-eminent example of a garden city suburb in Canada. 

Residents and members of the Old Glenora Conservation Association (OGCA) have expressed their concerns to City Council about the loss of historic resources in the area. They have asked the City to explore developing special area zoning to ensure new developments complement the historic nature of the Glenora neighbourhood.

In December 2018, City Council approved a project to undertake a Direct Development Control Provision (DC1) exercise for the Glenora character areas. 

Project Goal

  • To develop zoning that will manage the character of the area so that elements that contribute to the heritage value and character of identified Glenora character areas are preserved while allowing for complementary changes

Project Objectives 

  • Implement development criteria to guide new development that is sensitive and complementary to the character of Glenora 
  • Ensure that, where feasible, the Zoning Provision is consistent with current zoning standards and broader City policies and objectives 

Direct Development Control Provision (DC1) zoning tools have been used to enhance and protect the local character in some other historic character areas in Edmonton, such as the Westmount Architectural Heritage Area and the Strathcona Historical Commercial Area.

Glenora's Unique Characteristics 

The Glenora neighbourhood was developed in the early 1900s as a garden city suburb, based on a new urban planning movement which was gaining popularity at the time.   

The Garden City Suburb movement was developed by Ebenezer Howard in the late 19th century as a reaction to overcrowded cities and industrial pollution in England. Howard's vision incorporated streets and lots into the natural topography and rolling greenbelts separating industrial and residential areas.

Taking inspiration from this style of city planning, the Glenora neighbourhood was developed in 1906 with typical garden city suburb features such as curving streets, irregular lots, and preserved views of the river valley. 

Glenora is home to the largest concentration of historic resources in the city—approximately 14% of the overall Inventory of Historic Resources in Edmonton. There are three designated Municipal Historic Resources in Glenora, all located south of Stony Plain Road. The high concentration of preserved houses and streetscapes combined with its scenic location has resulted in a treasured historic neighbourhood.

Significant Character Areas

The Glenora Historic Resources Inventory was completed in June 2017 by Donald Luxton and Associates. The consultant team identified three sub-areas of the neighbourhood south of Stony Plain Road that have significant historic character, which determined the project areas for the Glenora Heritage Character Area Rezoning.

  • 102 Avenue Character Area
  • Capital Hill Character Area
  • Old Glenora Character Area (also known as the Carruthers area)

The report identified 116 properties in Glenora that were added to the Inventory of Historic Resources.

Public Engagement

As the Glenora Heritage Character Area Rezoning progresses, there will be opportunities for community members to share their insights and help shape the outcome of the project.

December 2020

Share your perspective to help shape the preparation of new heritage character zoning.

The project team wants to know what Edmontonians think about the character of the area and how zoning can be used to protect the unique feel of the Glenora heritage area. Your feedback will be used to help draft the Direct Control Zoning that will be further refined through additional community engagement.

Learn more about the project and neighbourhood character analysis by viewing the information materials (20MB). Please take some time to learn about the project, the neighbourhood’s history and special character to help inform your feedback.

March 2020 (Cancelled)

Glenora Heritage Character Area Project Introduction and Public Workshop

Upon the recommendation of Alberta Health Services that any event with an audience larger than 250 people be cancelled, this event did not take place on March 12, 2020 as originally scheduled. 

Session Materials

The  Display Boards for the cancelled event are available for interested residents.


Before the Glenora Heritage Character Area Rezoning project was formally approved by Council, the City met with residents, the Old Glenora Conservation Association (OGCA), and the Glenora Community League in the character areas to assess the level of support for the zoning request and its implications.

Three separate information sessions were held in June 2018 for the following character areas: 

  • June 6, 2018 - 102 Avenue Conservation Area (attended by 8 people)
  • June 13, 2018 - Capital Hill Conservation Area (attended by 16 people)
  • June 20, 2018 - Carruthers Conservation Area (attended by 34 people)

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