The following organizations are not included in the City of Edmonton's FOIP structure. Each has its own, independent FOIP program. If you wish to make a FOIP request to one of these organizations, you must contact them directly.

Business Improvement Areas (BIA)

Business Improvement Area Contacts

Edmonton Combative Sports Commission

David Aitken, Executive Director
Phone: 780-496-5207

Explore Edmonton Corporation

Anna Pinkowicz, Governance and Board Relations
Phone: 780-394-3561

Edmonton Police Commission

Matthew Barker
Phone: 780-414-7508
Fax: 780-414-7511

Edmonton Police Service

Kate Thompson
Phone: 780-391-4282
Fax: 780-421-3349

Edmonton Public Library Board

Lisette Lalchan
Phone: 780-496-7051
Fax: 780-496-7097

Office of the City Auditor

Chrisy Burton
1200 Scotia Place, 10060 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5J 3R8
Phone: 780-496-8300
Fax: 780-496-8062