Before submitting a FOIP request, please review these frequently asked questions.

What is a "General" request?

A "general" request is any request that is not a "personal" request.  Examples of general requests include:

  • An agreement
  • A City report
  • Emails about a City program 
What is a "Personal" request?

A "personal" request is a request for records that are about you. Examples of a personal request include:

  • Your employee file
  • Bylaw complaints that you have made or complaints about your property
  • Fire investigation reports about your property
What is a "Personal information request on behalf of someone else"?

This is a request for personal information about a person other than yourself, and that person has given you permission to make the request. When making this type of request, you must provide proof that you have permission. Use the Authorization of Representative form to document permission. When submitting your application online, you can upload the completed form. Insurance agents or lawyers often make this type of request on behalf of their clients. 

Will I receive all the records that I asked for?

Information will only be withheld from you if an "exception to disclosure" applies to the information. In the FOIP Act, an exception to disclosure explains the harm that could occur if the information was released. There are 2 types of exceptions: "mandatory" and "discretionary". "Mandatory" means the City must apply the exception. "Discretionary" means that the City can choose to apply the exception. For example, the City must (mandatory) withhold information that would be an invasion of someone's privacy, but it may (discretionary) withhold information that is analysis or advice used to make a decision.

When information is withheld from you, you will be advised of the exception to disclosure that was applied.

What does it cost to submit a FOIP request?

There is no application fee for personal requests (including when you make a request on behalf of someone else and you have submitted the completed Authorization of Representative form).

You must pay a $25 application fee for a general request. Work will not start on your request until you have paid the fee.

If you don't know if your request is general or personal, please contact a FOIP Coordinator.

How can I pay the $25 fee for a general request?

Payment can be made by cheque or credit card. 

Online or visit

The system will prompt you to pay by credit card.


Call the Office of the City Clerk reception telephone line at:
780-496-8178 from Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm (excluding statutory holidays to pay by credit card)


Cheques must be made payable to the City of Edmonton.

Mail cheques to:

Corporate Access and Privacy Office
City of Edmonton
Churchill Building 
10019 103 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 0G9

Will work start right away on my request?

Before work starts on your request, a FOIP Coordinator may contact you to discuss your request. This conversation will help the FOIP Coordinator understand what you are requesting. Work cannot begin on your request until the scope of your request is clear.

Will additional fees be charged?

Fees for processing "general" requests and "personal" requests are different.  

Personal Requests

Fees for processing personal requests are charged only if the cost of producing the records (photocopying) is more than $10.  If the cost is estimated to be more than $10, you will receive a fee estimate for the cost.  Photocopies cost $0.06 a page so you will receive a fee assessment only if there are more than 167 pages - otherwise there is no charge.

General Requests

Fees for general requests are charged only if the cost of processing (search time, applying exceptions to disclosure, photocopying) is more than $150.  If the cost is estimated to be more than $150 you will receive a fee estimate. 

For both personal and general requests, you are required to pay a deposit of 50% of the estimated cost of processing your request before work on your request will begin. 

What if I can't afford to pay the fee?

The Act provides some situations where fees can be reduced or waived entirely. A FOIP Coordinator can assist you in narrowing the scope of your request and provide other suggestions to reduce your costs. The Coordinator can also accept written requests with supporting documentation to be considered for a fee waiver.

What if I think the information I'm requesting is in the public interest?

The Act states that the applicant may not need to pay fees for the release of records in the public interest.  If you believe it is in the public interest to release the records you are requesting, please raise this with the Coordinator assigned to your file.

When will I get my information?

The FOIP Act provides the City with 30 calendar days to respond to your request.  However, days spent clarifying the scope of your request or awaiting payment of fees will extend the 30 calendar day response time.

The City may take an additional 30 days if the scope of your request is large or if we need to consult with a third party about the records.  Any other extensions of time must be approved by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta.

Is there an express service?

No.  We process requests in the order that they are received, but we do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Now that I've seen my records, I think there's incorrect information about me. How do I correct my personal information?

You may change your address and contact information for some City services by contacting 311.  If you want to correct other information about yourself please contact a FOIP Coordinator.