If you are looking for a spectacular indoor location for your wedding, engagement or family photos, the Conservatory has it all. With four themed pyramids you won’t be disappointed.

Exclusive Photo Sessions

Exclusive sessions can be booked in one pyramid of your choice, on Monday or Tuesday evenings between 5-10pm.

To Book A Photography Session With A Professional Photographer
  • Minimum 2 weeks notice required.
  • You are responsible for providing your own photographer.

Email Booking Request

  • 60-minute sessions: $250
  • 90-minute sessions: $450

Evening sessions will begin at 5pm and will be booked consecutively in the order they are received.

Guidelines: Booked Photography Sessions

  • Pre-booked Photography sessions can proceed providing: 
    • The area that is being used is closed to the public, the photographer and subject remain distanced, and the photographer wears a mask at all times.
    • Masks are only removed by the person(s) being photographed.  
  • Sessions are limited to individual photographs, or households.

Guidelines: General Photography at  Muttart

  • Visitors are welcome to take casual individual photographs for their own personal use. Photos can be taken with hand-held cameras or cellphones.
  • Group photo sessions are not permitted during regular daytime hours when the facility is open to the public. 
  • Masks guidelines are to be followed in the area where photos are taken. Removal of masks is only permitted by the people being photographed. We will also require that photo sessions be limited to individual photographs or individual households. The photographer and all other guests are required to wear a mask at all times. 
  • The use of Tripods can only be used for plant photography during low admission times and must not impact other guests visiting the facility.  Pre approval by the customer service representative staff is required.