The John Janzen Nature Centre provides opportunities for self-guided visits for both individuals and for groups. Self-guided activities and drop-in programs are available for individual and group visitors of all ages!

Individual Visits

For the price of regular admission, we have self-guided activities for kids, youth, adults & families. These activities are available any time during our regular hours of operation.

Activity Type

For Kids
For Families, Youth & Adults
For Groups

Activities for Kids

  • Explore the Exhibit Room to learn about the seasonal changes of plants and animals. Try on a pair of wings, see the world from an insect’s point of view, or crawl through our ground squirrel tunnel. Check out nature artifacts, try out a nature scavenger hunt, and see our small wildlife (salamanders, garter snakes and frogs) on display.
  • Visit the Tegler Discovery Zone (kids up to 10 yrs). Based on attendance, staff may limit access to the play space. No food or drink is allowed inside the play area. Book online on MoveLearnPlay.
  • View our Honeybee Hive (spring – fall), to see bees busy at work!

Activities for Families, Youth and Adults

  • Compost School - Information about composting and demonstrations of different types and sizes of composters available for your home and yard. Compost School is open during the summer season.
  • Explore the Exhibit Room
  • Native Plant Demonstration Garden: Stroll by the beautiful native wildflowers and seek out important local pollinators in action in the spring, summer, and fall months. This garden is maintained by the Edmonton Naturalization Group. 
  • Nature Walks - Individuals and groups can enjoy walking along The Birch Tree Trail and River Loop Trail. The forest trails have many different bird species all year including the Black-capped Chickadee!

Group Visits

If you are interested in visiting the John Janzen Nature Centre with your group, please book a self-guided visit by calling 311 (outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311).

Please note that a self-guided visit means you are visiting with your group (for example, daycare, club, youth group or classroom) without a nature centre staff person facilitating a program for you.

If there are public drop-in programs occurring the day of your visit you are welcome to participate but please respect that other drop-in visitors will be taking part as well.

Regular admission rates apply.