A Parkland Access Permit is required to use parkland for activities that are otherwise regulated, restricted, or prohibited by the  Parkland Bylaw C2202
Some of the activities that require a Parkland Access Permit include:

  • Temporary work spaces
  • Construction laydown areas
  • Exploratory work, such as surveys and geotechnical investigations
  • Access through parkland for workers, materials, or equipment

Parkland Access Permits are not provided to individual citizens for private uses. 
Parkland Access Permits are only issued to companies that have an existing agreement in place with the City of Edmonton, such as a Project Contract, Right of Entry Agreement, Franchise Agreement, or Utility Right of Way, etc, for their activities on parkland.
It takes approximately 6 weeks upon receipt of a complete application to approve a permit. This duration includes a 2 week standard circulation to internal stakeholders and a minimum of 4 weeks to schedule and complete pre-access inspections with Open Space Operations. Pre-access inspections with Forestry and Natural Area Operations may also be required depending on the impacts of the proposed activities on Parkland. 
Before applying to use Parkland in the North Saskatchewan River Valley and Ravine System, the project must be approved under the River Valley Bylaw 7188 . For more information, please contact sdrivervalleybylaw@edmonton.ca. The project approval letter must be attached to the PAP application. 
To apply for a Parkland Access Permit, please complete the below form.

Collection of Personal Information

Personal information is collected for the purpose of Parkland Management reviewing the Parkland Access Permit Application and will be used to connect with and provide services to applicants. Collection is authorized under section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act and is managed and protected in accordance with the Act. If you have questions about the collection, please contact Nelson Adkin, Supervisor of Operations Planning, 16th Floor, Edmonton Tower, 10111 104 Avenue NW, Edmonton AB T5J 0J4, 780-496-8844, or Nelson.Adkin@edmonton.ca.

This email address will receive further instruction once the form has been submitted.

The legal company will be listed as the Parkland Access Permit Holder.

Park Details

Note: Once the Parkland Access Permit has been issued if you require changes to the dates, these changes must be requested in writing to prsparklandmanagement@edmonton.ca a minimum of 30 days prior to revised dates.

Note: For Parkland Access Permits requested between October 15 and March 1 confirmation of parkland restoration may bump the end date of the permit between April 30 - May 31 the following year to ensure the post-access inspection of restoration work can be performed. If this is required you will be advised.

If Contractor please provide full contact details. If City Contact please provide their first and last name.

Project Scope

The information below is required in order to complete an internal circulation and draft the permit.

Provide a brief project summary that outlines the reason you are requesting a Parkland Access Permit. Describe the nature of the access activity performed on parkland throughout the duration of the temporary grant of access.

Note: Site containment is required for all construction laydown areas on City of Edmonton Parkland. All construction activities, equipment, materials, laydown areas and any associated parking must be contained within the fenced area. The temporary work area must be fenced (minimum 1.8m height) and screened. 

Must show: Fencing; total dimensions of any required laydown area, dimension showing location of activity/laydown area from city trees or natural areas; stockpiling of materials; parking of any vehicles or machinery on parkland. A north arrow, intersecting streets and relevant site details must be shown. 

Visit OSCAM permit applications to submit an application. 

Mitigation Measures and Park Restoration

Please note any restoration work required for the permit must occur between April and September.

Below is a list of potential further requirements that may be needed for your project approval.
Thank you for your submission. 

For privacy reasons, the completion of this form is only the first part of the application process.  A message has been sent to the email address you have provided outlining the additional steps required to complete your application. 

In the email, you will find details of the additional documentation that you will need to send to Parkland Management in order for your application to be reviewed.  Please use the link in the email and attach all of the necessary documentation.  After your application has been reviewed, one of our advisors will be in touch.

Please acknowledge that you understand the terms of this application and agree to the City's privacy policy.