Parkland Access Permit

Why was my map rejected?

We require site maps that show the specific area of parkland that your project is working on. The site map is used to communicate to us and our internal stakeholders the impact of the access activity on parkland and should clearly show what is happening in relation to the access activity including:

  • Dimensions of the laydown area, if laydown is required
  • Proposed haul routes/ entry onto parkland; haul route, if proposed, will be approved by Open Space Inspection Services, or they will be approved at the pre-access inspection
    • Haul routes may be requested for review/approval prior to permit issuance
  • Dimensions from city trees, natural areas and horticulture beds
  • Dimensions from known objects in the vicinity of the project, such as playgrounds
  • Dimensioned working area
  • Standard map features such as a north arrow, legend and any other relevant information
  • Sitemaps should be overlayed on top of the photo imagery of the site area that clearly depicts the location in relation to the physical assets - line drawings out of context to physical features may be rejected
I have been asked to provide a Land Title Certificate, where do I find that?

Information on obtaining Land Title Certificates can be found at and the SPIN2 Spatial Information System.

It is the applicant's responsibility to provide Land Title Certificates, these will not be provided for you. 

I have submitted my form, when will I get my permit?

Filling out the online application form is the first step in completing your Parkland Access Permit application. Please note it can take 4-6 weeks to receive a Parkland Access Permit.

Applications are not considered complete until all required documentation and information requested in the application have been submitted. In addition to the items outlined within the online application form, you may also submit additional documents that may help clarify the proposed use of parkland. 

Part One

  •     Submit an online Parkland Access Permit Application

Part Two

  • Submit additional documents to
    • Stage One    
      • Application is reviewed by the Planning Technician I
    • Stage Two    
      • Application is circulated to impacted internal stakeholders
    • Stage Three
      • Permit is drafted and conditions specified based on circulation comments/conditions
      • Approval of permit conditions by Planning Technician II
    • Completed
      • Once a Parkland Access Permit has been signed by the Supervisor of Operations Planning it will be sent to the permit holder
What other documents do I need?

Parkland Management collaborates with many internal stakeholders to ensure alignment and reference to other required documentation is provided. 
Parkland Access Permit (PAP) applications may require you to have additional approvals before the PAP can be issued, such as:

  • Approval from the River Valley Bylaw Team is required if your project is in the North Saskatchewan River Valley or Ravine System Overlay. Please see this map for reference (Zoning Overlays >  North Saskatchewan River Valley and Ravine System Overlay). If your project is located within this overlay you will require approval from the River Valley Bylaw team. Please contact for more information on completing the required North Saskatchewan River Valley ARP Project Review Form. 
  • A Right of Entry Agreement from Facility and Land Inventory Management (FLIM) within the Real Estate branch may be required.  It is not up to Parkland Management to determine whether a Right of Entry Agreement is required.  
    • Please contact Facility and Land Inventory Management (FLIM) General Supervisor, Chantal Villecourt to confirm if a Right of Entry Agreement is required.
What is considered Parkland?

The Parkland Bylaw C2202 applies to any land that functions as parkland. Please see the definition from the Bylaw below:

“Parkland” means any property, whether developed or not, owned, controlled or maintained by the City that is:
(i) intended to be used by members of the public for recreation and general enjoyment;
(ii) preserved as a natural area;
(iii) used as a cemetery;
(iv) zoned AP (Public Parks), A (Metropolitan Recreation), AN (River Valley Activity Node) or US (Urban Services);
(v) contained in the North Saskatchewan River Valley and Ravine System Protection Overlay as described in the City bylaw governing land use;
(vi) designated as a municipal reserve, environmental reserve, or a public utility lot pursuant to the Municipal Government Act; or
(vii) that portion of any Boulevard contiguous with, partially within, or fully within any property described above.

If in review of the above description of parkland you are still unsure if the site you require access to is considered parkland please contact

Can I schedule a pre-work site inspection without my permit?

Yes, you can schedule a site inspection with our Open Space Inspection Services team, to request this inspection please contact Open Space Inspection Services (OSIS) and provide the PAP application number you obtain by completing your permit application.

You are required to complete a pre and post access site inspection any time you get a Parkland Access Permit. Once you apply for a Parkland Access Permit you will receive a file number that can be used to apply for a site inspection right away. 

Who should submit the application?

When you are making an application please coordinate with those involved with your project so multiple applications are not submitted. If multiple applications are submitted for a single project from different applicants it takes more time for you to get your permit as multiple duplicate applications creates confusion and will result in delays in obtaining your permit.

  • If you are applying on behalf of EPCOR please specify which section of EPCOR - Drainage, Water or Distribution & Transmission - this information is required to evaluate which Franchise Agreement may be linked. An EPCOR contact email is also required.
Can I get an extension on my permit dates?

It will depend but we can evaluate your request to have your dates extended for projects that need more time. We will need confirmation that the only change is the end access date. All access and use of parkland must be within the listed access activity dates - please be sure to carefully read your permit once received and request any date extensions a minimum of 3-4 weeks in advance of the access end date. Please note if the dates of extension are related to a Right of Entry Agreement you will need to have this agreement updated or revised as well.