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Neighbourhood Reconstruction is scheduled for Strathcona as part of the 2019 to 2021 construction program.

Project Update - December 2020

Neighbourhood renewal work is complete for 2020 in Strathcona! Construction began on April 29 and was completed on November 1. During the 2020 construction season, we completed the following:

  • 82 Avenue to 87 Avenue from 101 Street to 96 Street including road reconstruction, sidewalks, curbs and gutters and street lights

  • A raised bike lane on 87 Avenue and a 2-way protected bike lane on 100 Street

  • Rail Trail shared-use path (SUP) from Gateway Boulevard to 107 Street

Planned work for 2020 that was not completed includes 98 Street from 82 Avenue to 85 Avenue. It has been deferred to May 2021 in order to coordinate with the relocation/lowering of the Atco gas intermediate pressure pipeline. Proposed and approved tree plantings will be planted along 86 Avenue from 97 Street to 96 Street in summer 2021.

Neighbourhood renewal work will resume in Strathcona in the first week of May 2021, weather pending. The planned scope for 2021 will include 101 Street to 96 Street, from 87 Avenue to Scona Road. Prior to work resuming, construction notifications will be delivered to impacted residences.

We are pleased to report that with the completion of 2020 work, Strathcona remains on schedule with a planned completion date of November 2021.

About the Program

Reconstruction in Strathcona started in spring 2019 with completion expected for 2021. A series of public events gave residents the opportunity to view the design plans and discuss details with the project team.

Neighbourhood reconstruction is a type of neighbourhood renewal that involves road reconstruction and repaving, as well as replacement of street lights and reconstruction of sidewalks, curb and gutter. Alley renewal is not part of neighbourhood reconstruction. It also includes the opportunity for 2 local improvements, sidewalk reconstruction and decorative street lights.

Strathcona Neighbourhood Renewal

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Project History

Project Update - August 2020

The 2020 Strathcona Neighbourhood Renewal construction season began on April 29, with work beginning on 86 Avenue from 101 Street to 99 Street. Construction is progressing on time and we are currently on track to finish at the end of October.

The rail trail shared-use path has been completed (106 Street to Gateway Boulevard). Road construction started on 86 Avenue from 101 Street to 100 Street at the end of July. 

Project Update - March 2020

In spring 2020, we are entering the second year of planned 3-year construction for Strathcona (see construction map). The 2019 construction season was a success and we completed all planned construction apart from the rail trail. The shared-use path along the north side of the rail corridor will be included in this year’s work as planned 2020 construction tentatively begins in April 2020.

Please watch your mailbox for construction bulletins that will provide more information along with contact details for any concerns regarding landscaping and access.

Construction Update - Summer 2019

Construction is now underway in Strathcona. The construction includes removal and replacement of street lighting, public sidewalk, curb and gutter, as well as reconstruction and paving of the road.

Work is complete on several sidewalks and continues toward completion of crossings, connectors, and ramps.

For special concerns or access requirements, such as DATS, please contact the Delivery Project Manager, Aladdin Benayad, at 780-496-4057.

Construction Update - Spring 2019

Construction is now underway in Strathcona. The construction includes removal and replacement of street lighting, public sidewalk, curb and gutter, as well as reconstruction and paving of the road.

The April Bulletin contains important project and contact information for residents and property owners, as well as a map of Strathcona which identifies the scope of work planned for 2019. The Prime Contractor working for the City will deliver bulletins outlining the estimated start/finish dates of each portion of the project, along with their contact information.

The City thanks residents and property owners for their patience as we make these improvements.

For special concerns or access requirements, such as DATS, please contact the Delivery Project Manager, Aladdin Benayad, at 780-496-4057.

Project Update - March 2019

Thank you to those who attended the Strathcona Neighbourhood Renewal Pre-Construction Event on Monday March 4, 2019 to view the final designs for your neighbourhood and learn more about what to expect during the planned 3-year construction for Strathcona.

At this event, attendees had the opportunity to meet the Delivery Project Manager, learn the construction year schedule and discuss concerns about impacts to property during construction.

Additional details about the Strathcona Neighbourhood Renewal can be found in the February 2019 issue of the Strathcona Neighbourhood Construction Newsletter.

Event Materials
Delivery Project Manager
What We Heard - Display Panels
Refined Neighbourhood Design
Open Spaces and Trees (21MB)

Construction Year Maps
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 3 (North of Pioneer House)

Saskatchewan Drive/Scona Road Intersection Project
Display Panels — February 2019

Project Update - February 2019

Thanks to everyone who dropped by the Strathcona Neighbourhood Renewal - Preliminary Design Event on February 5 to share your input on the plans before the project proceeds to construction in 2019.

Attendees had the opportunity to view the preliminary designs for new and renewed infrastructure in Strathcona, including:

  • Upgraded residential streets, with measures to slow traffic

  • Improved connections for people who walk and bike

  • Enhanced park and green spaces

Attendees also had the opportunity to participate in the Sidewalk Local Improvement decision. Property owners were mailed a package dated January 21, 2019 which included information about the sidewalk Local Improvement and a form for those who wished to petition against this reconstruction. Forms must be submitted within 30 days. For property owners in Strathcona, the deadline for the petition was February 20, 2019.

Meeting Materials

Display Panels
Strathcona Open Spaces and Tree Panels (37 MB)
Strathcona Refined Neighbourhood Design Panels
Saskatchewan Drive Project Updates
What We Heard Report - February 2019

Scope Map
Areas for Year of Construction (12 MB)

Construction Year Maps
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 3 (North of Pioneer House)

Bike Lane Design Panels
87 Avenue Bike Plan
100 Street Bike Plan

Local Improvements and Street Lights
Project Area Map (11 MB)
Cost Sharing Opportunities Handout
Locations for New Standard Street Lights

Signage Maps
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 3 (North of Pioneer House)

Project Update - September 2018

On September 26, the City shared and collected input on the Strathcona Neighbourhood Renewal Final Concept Design, which included:

  • New road surfaces, sidewalks and street lights

  • Improvements to park spaces and new parklets
  • New bike lanes on 87 Avenue, 98 Street and 100 Street
  • Traffic calming measures to reduce speeding and shortcutting
  • Improvements to pedestrian crossings and connections

What We Heard - Final Concept

Event Materials
Display Boards
What We Heard
Traffic Map
100 Street Bike Facility Map
87 Avenue Bike Facility Map
Combined Bike Facilities Map
Neighbourhood Concept Plan Map

Newsletter - September 2018
Newsletter - June 2018
Newsletter - January 2018

Previous Public Engagement Surveys

During the public engagement process for Strathcona Neighbourhood Renewal, the project team has used surveys as a tool to collect public input to inform the final design which was presented in September 2018. The surveys posted here are for reference only, the period for feedback on these specific questions has closed. Hundreds of factors needed consideration including input from the nearly 9,000 residents who live, work and play in Strathcona, each with individual needs, desires and opinions.

While all resident and stakeholder input and technical factors were considered, it was not possible to meet every need; compromises and trade-offs had to be made. The final design is the result of months of listening, learning, understanding, creating and balancing those needs. Decisions were made with both today and the future in mind, as the new infrastructure will be in place for the next 40 to 50 years.

Final Concept Design Survey - September/October 2018
Bike Lane Options and Comment Form - June/July 2018
Draft Concept Design Survey - June/July 2018
Proposed Design Options Survey - April/May 2018
Neighbourhood Visioning Survey - January/February 2018

Strathcona Neighbourhood Renewal Public Event - June 2018

On June 20, the City shared the draft concept design for the Strathcona neighbourhood. The design included measures to reduce speeding and short-cutting, new bike infrastructure, pedestrian crossing enhancements/improvements as well as improvements to park spaces including Fred A. Moire Park and Tubby Bateman Park. Attendees also participated in a discussion on Councillor Henderson’s motion for a 30 km/h design speed for the entire neighbourhood.

Display Boards
Draft Concept Design
Park Improvement Site Plans

Public Engagement Drop-In - April 2018

The City held a drop-in session on April 19 where attendees could engage with the project team to learn more about Strathcona area projects including neighbourhood renewal, Saskatchewan Drive Rehabilitation, Scona Road/Saskatchewan Drive Right-Hand Turn Improvement and Centre Line LRT.

What We Heard

Display Boards
Strathcona Neighbourhood Renewal
Centre LRT Study
Saskatchewan Drive and SUP
Scona Road/Saskatchewan Drive Right Turn Improvement

Fact Sheets
Building a Greater Strathcona
Scona Road/Saskatchewan Drive Right Turn Improvement

Ideas and Options Workshop - March 2018

The City held a workshop on March 21 to discuss ideas and options that could be incorporated into the 2019 neighbourhood renewal.  The sharing and gathering of feedback will help to refine the draft project vision and principles.

Workshop Materials
Fact Sheet


Neighbourhood Reconstruction

Learn more about what you can expect in your neighbourhood during construction.

For More Information

Aladdin Benayad

Title Delivery Project Manager

Building Great Neighbourhoods

All additional inquiries or escalations can be directed to the Building Great Neighbourhoods team, or by calling 311.


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