King Edward Park has been chosen for alley renewal in 2020 and 2021.

Project Update - April 2021

Year 2

Construction Year 2 is scheduled to start in early May 2021. It will include the reconstruction of approximately 23 alleys in the neighborhood as well as the mill and overlay of additional alleys requiring only surface improvements.

Residents may see City crews out as proactive tree pruning is also taking place as required. Construction bulletins will be delivered to all impacted residents in late April prior to the start of alley construction. As the work progresses the contractor working on behalf of the City will notify residents of the alley closure dates for each individual alley project prior to the work commencing.

Year 1

Alley reconstruction for Year 1 of 2 began in late May 2020 and was completed in early November 2020. Approximately 95% of the work scheduled was completed and is now in service. The alley located between 76 Avenue and 77 Avenue and 79 Street and 81 Street was deferred due to weather constraints. This alley will be reconstructed in summer 2021.

Landscaping restoration was fully completed in approximately 25% of the alleys that were reconstructed in 2020. It could not be completed in full due to weather constraints and will be completed in spring/summer 2021.

King Edward Park alley renewal is anticipated to be completed in full by the end of the 2021 construction season.

About the Project

Alley renewal in King Edward Park will entail reconstructing the alleys identified to a new residential or commercial standard, as applicable. The construction will consist of removing the existing road structure, placing a new gravel base, completing minor concrete replacement, installing a new asphalt overlay and finishing with minor landscaping restoration.

Alley renewal involves alley reconstruction and repaving, improvements to surface drainage wherever possible, and upgrading existing alley lighting to LED fixtures. It also includes the opportunity for a local improvement to add alley lighting if property owners are interested.