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Neighbourhood Reconstruction is scheduled for Highlands as part of the 2019-21 construction program.

Project Update - May 2021

Neighbourhood renewal work for the final year started the week of April 26, 2021. The construction work consists of the removal and replacement of public sidewalks, curbs and gutters, as well as street lighting and the reconstruction and paving of the road.

Construction during the third and final year will occur south of 112 Avenue and is progressing on time and on budget. It will be complete in fall 2021.

Residents can expect to see a construction bulletin in the coming weeks that highlights all of the upcoming work in the neighbourhood.

2021 Highlights

  • Curb extensions on the intersection of 62 Street and 111 Avenue

  • Roundabout on 60 Street and 111 Avenue

  • Shared-use path along the south side of of Ada Boulevard from 50 Street to the bridge on 69 Street

  • Raised crosswalks along Ada Boulevard

  • Modifications to the intersections on 111 Avenue and Ada Boulevard

Corner Store Update

In collaboration with the Corner Store program, we have been able to reimagine the business area along 112 Avenue. These changes will be completed at the same time as neighbourhood renewal. Thank you to the businesses and residents who have provided feedback during public engagement.

Program Design
What We Heard

Neighbourhood Reconstruction

Learn more about what you can expect in your neighbourhood during construction.

About the Program

Highlands has been chosen for reconstruction beginning in spring 2019 with completion expected for 2021.

Neighbourhood reconstruction is a type of neighbourhood renewal that involves road reconstruction and repaving, as well as replacement of street lights and reconstruction of sidewalks, curb and gutter. Alley renewal is not part of neighbourhood reconstruction. It also includes the opportunity for 2 local improvements, sidewalk renewal and decorative street lights.

What We Decided Report - June 2019

The What We Decided Report describes the final designs for Highlands' neighbourhood renewal, including when and how the City used policy and program information, public engagement input and technical requirements to make project decisions.

What We Decided

Highlands Neighbourhood Renewal

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Project History

Project Update - December 2020

Neighbourhood renewal work is complete for 2020 in the Highlands Neighbourhood! Construction began in April and was completed on October 16, 2020. During the 2020 construction season, we completed the following: 

  • Replacement of neighbourhood sidewalks, curbs and gutters and roads between 63 Street and 51 Street from 112 Avenue to 118 Avenue
  • Street light upgrades are continuing to be installed by EPCOR Technologies

Due to cold weather constraints, there are some areas that still require sod placement, mainly from 51 Street to 54 Street.

The Highlands neighbourhood renewal is a 3-year construction project scheduled to take place from spring 2019 to fall 2021. Year 3 construction will commence in spring 2021.

Open Space Renewal

In July 2020, the City started renewal work on the 5 parks and green spaces that were selected for upgrade based on the public engagement results. Below is a summary of the progress made over the construction season and the planned work remaining.

Buttercup Farm Park
Concrete has been completed for the plaza and walkways. Final landscaping and furniture installations (new benches, trash cans and landscape boulders) is planned for spring 2021. The fence will remain until the final landscaping work is complete, as there are currently open excavations making the site unsafe for public access.

Betty Stanhope-Cole Park
The renewal work at Betty Stanhope-Cole Park is complete and it is open to the public.

Henry Martel Park
The renewal work at Henry Martel Park is complete and it is now open to the public.

Ada Boulevard and 52 Street
Renewal work has been completed for this park. The site will remain fenced off until summer 2021 to ensure the hydroseed for the naturalized grasses begins to germinate.

118 Avenue and 66 Street Streetscape
Streetscape work is now complete and the sidewalk is open to the public.

Project Update - August 2020

The 2020 Highlands construction season began in early May, with construction beginning along 63 Street and moving east to just before 50 Street, north of 112 Avenue and south of 118 Avenue. Construction is progressing on time and on budget.

We are currently completing sidewalks, curbs and gutters between 63 Street and 55 Street. The majority of concrete work between 63 Street and 55 Street is complete with road construction anticipated to begin this month from 63 Street east. New EPCOR decorative street lights from 63 Street east to 51 Street is in progress, with new concrete pole bases being poured and new poles being erected.

Summer Construction Bulletin

Open Space Renewal 

In July 2020, the City started renewal work on the 5 parks and green spaces that were selected for upgrade based on the public engagement results.

Ada Boulevard and 52 Street Open Space 

  • Renewal work includes the removal of the existing asphalt trail and replacing it with a gravel trail, installing new benches, picnic tables, landscape boulders and trash cans and planting new trees.

  • Construction began in July and should be complete by early September. The open space is currently completely fenced off.

Buttercup Farm Park

  • Renewal work includes constructing a new concrete pathway that will include a coloured concrete feature in the shape of a buttercup and installing new benches, trash cans, landscape boulders and planting beds.

  • Construction has begun on the sidewalk, curb and gutter. The remainder of the park construction will occur in late August/early September.

Betty Stanhope-Cole Park

  • Renewal work includes removing existing benches, paving and bumper posts and installing new walkway, benches, picnic tables, trash cans, planting beds and trees.

  • Construction began in August and should be complete by early September. The open space is currently completely fenced off.

Henry Martel Park

  • Renewal work includes installing new electrical panel to provide power to events as well as installing new picnic tables, bike racks and trash cans.

  • Construction started in late August.

118 Avenue and 66 Street Streetscape

  • Renewal work includes installing new benches, bike racks and trash cans as well as installing new planting bed and landscape boulders and planting new trees.

  • Construction starts in late August/early September.

Project Update - June 2020

In spring 2020, we entered the second year of planned 3-year construction for Highlands (Construction Staging Map). The 2019 construction season was a success, and we completed all planned construction apart from remaining sod landscaping work which resumed this spring between 67 Street to 63 Street and between 112 Avenue to 118 Avenue.

The 2020 Highlands construction season began in early May and consists of catch basin realignment, placement of topsoil and sod, reconstruction and paving of the road as well as removal and replacement of:

  • Public sidewalk
  • Curb and gutters
  • Alley crossings
  • Curb crossings
  • Street lights

Construction will begin along 63 Street and move eastward to just before 50 Street between north of 112 Avenue and south of 118 Avenue.

Existing park spaces in the neighbourhood will be renewed including Buttercup Farm Park, Henry Martell Park, and Boulder Park (52 Street to Ada Boulevard). Additionally, Betty Stanhope-Cole Park in adjacent Bellevue Neighborhood will be undergoing a renewal this season.

Please watch your mailbox for construction bulletins that will provide more information along with contact details for any concerns regarding landscaping and access.

Spring Construction Bulletin

Project Update - July 2019

Neighbourhood renewal construction has begun in Highlands! Crews have started to work along 66 Street with underground work including replacement of catch basins. This summer, the team will be reconstructing the sidewalk, curb and gutter on 66 Street and will then move to the 65 Street sidewalk and 64 Street sidewalk.

Project Update - May 2019

Construction is now underway in Highlands. The construction consists of removal and replacement of public sidewalk, curb and gutter, and street lighting, as well as reconstruction and paving of the local roads.

The Spring Bulletin contained important project and contact information for residents and property owners. The Prime Contractor working for the City will deliver bulletins outlining the estimated start/finish dates of each portion of the project, along with their contact information.

The City thanks residents and property owners for their patience as we make these improvements.

Project Update - January 2019

Thank you to those who attended the Highlands Neighbourhood Renewal Event on January 31, 2019 to view the final designs for your neighbourhood and learn more about what to expect during the planned 3-year construction. 

The final neighbourhood designs for Highlands (including Ada Boulevard) were developed based on feedback received since January 2018 throughout the public engagement process, and also considered City policies, technical feasibility and available funding. They include:

  • Renewal of residential streets
  • Addition of traffic-calming measures
  • Enhanced bike infrastructure
  • Improvements to parks and green spaces

Members of the Yellowhead Trail Freeway Conversion Program team were in attendance to share information about the freeway conversion, the 82 Street to 50 Street project area including the 66 Street intersection and upcoming public engagement events. 

Attendees also had the opportunity to participate in the Sidewalk Local Improvement decision. Property owners were mailed a package dated January 14, 2019 which included information about the sidewalk Local Improvement and a form for those who wished to petition against this reconstruction. Forms must be submitted within 30 days. For property owners in Highlands, the deadline for the petition was February 13, 2019.

Event Materials
Ada Boulevard Design
Construction Boards
Design Boards
Local Improvement Boards
Project Overview
Urban Design Analysis

Project Update - November 2018

Highlands Renewing Local Infrastructure Event was held on November 19 to gather feedback on the preliminary plans for new infrastructure in your neighbourhood. Preliminary plans showed improvements of:

  • Upgraded residential streets with measures to slow traffic
  • Improved connections for people who walk and bike
  • Enhanced parks and green spaces including Ada Boulevard

The preliminary plans are based on the feedback received throughout the public engagement process, which started in January 2018, including the last event in September 2018. The designs also consider technical constraints, City policies and programs and available budget.

At the event, the project team also provided information about the next steps, decorative lighting and construction which will begin in 2019.

Meeting Materials
Display Boards
Fact Sheet
What We Heard - September 2018

Project Update - September 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended the September 27 event for Highlands Neighbourhood Renewal and sections of Ada Boulevard. We value the feedback received on the draft concepts at the event.

The public engagement event introduced options for streets and intersections, walkways and connectivity, bike routes and infrastructure, and enhancing public parks and green spaces.

The following few months will be used to fine-tune the design based on public feedback, and to more fully develop the technical and other elements of the plans. The Preliminary Design will be shared with residents in November/December 2018, prior to construction in spring 2019.

What We Heard - September 2018

Exploring the Possibilities - June 2018

During two identical public outdoor events, residents and stakeholders explored a variety of possibilities for enhancements on Ada Boulevard and ways to slow traffic throughout Highlands. Participants were asked to provide their level of comfort on examples of pedestrian and bike facilities, crossings and traffic-calming, community connections, open spaces and gathering places.

Meeting Materials
Display Boards
Traffic Calming Measures
Fact Sheet

Renewing Ada Boulevard - Reporting Back

The construction of Ada Boulevard will be completed with the upcoming neighbourhood renewal work in Virginia Park (2018), Bellevue (2018 – 2019) and Highlands (2019 – 2021).

As a follow-up to the workshop at the Highlands Golf Course on January 22, 2018 and the online survey that was accessible between February 7 – 19, 2018, the City has compiled, analyzed and integrated your input in the Renewing Ada Boulevard - Reporting Back report. Your feedback helped to refine the design option for Virginia Park and will shape the process and future design for Bellevue and Highlands.

Neighbourhood Vision Workshops - April 2018

On April 14 and 17, 2018, Building Great Neighbourhoods held 2 workshops to help refine the project vision and identify important elements for renewing infrastructure in Highlands.

Attendees participated in a neighbourhood walk followed by a workshop where their input will help to identify areas in Highlands that could be improved upon as part of the renewal project.

A summary of the insights received during these engagement activities is available in the What We Heard Report (Phase II).

Stakeholder Outreach Workshop - February 28, 2018

Businesses and organizations in Highlands were invited to a stakeholder workshop to learn more about the Highlands neighbourhood renewal. This was a facilitated workshop to provide the initial opportunity for ideas for what the community, as a whole, is hoping the renewal work will achieve. Themes from this session will be presented at the public meeting in April.

Workshop Presentation

Community Conversation - January 2018

On January 22, the City hosted a community conversation to discuss the future renewal initiative for Ada Boulevard. The importance of this initial conversation was to understand how Edmontonians enjoy and make use of the boulevard. Future discussions are expected and will build upon what was learned.

For More Information

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Building Great Neighbourhoods

All additional inquiries or escalations can be directed to the Building Great Neighbourhoods team, or by calling 311.


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