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A development permit and building permit are required to build an attached garage or carport to the house, as they are considered to be an addition under the Zoning Bylaw.

About the Service

The permit process ensures your attached garage or carport meets Edmonton's building regulations for home additions.

If the construction also involves mechanical work, separate mechanical permits are required. See the electrical, plumbing, gas and heating and ventilation permit topics for more information.

Inspections are done throughout the project to ensure each stage of work has been completed to code.

Types of Additions

Home additions include the construction of new rooms, bay windows, sunrooms, attached garages or carports, and porches attached to the primary residence.

Zoning Regulations

Residential properties can be zoned differently.

To verify the zoning of a property and to determine whether a zoning overlay exists, either visit the Development Services Service Centre or do an address search on the Edmonton Maps site.

If the address is identified as being part of the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay, you will need to review the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay for details on regulations for developing a property in a mature neighbourhood.

If the address is not part of the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay, consult the guidelines explained in the Building a House or Addition brochure.

Building Design

The Alberta Building Code regulates the construction and safety of the structure. For any related inquiries, contact our office and speak with a Safety Codes Officer.

How Do I Obtain the Service?

Additions like attached garages or carports require both a development and building permit.

Application Procedure

Apply Online
Create an account, apply, pay and check application status.


Contractors and Professionals


Apply In Person

Fill in the Residential Construction Application form

Please submit this form along with all additional required documentation and application fees.

The development and building permits are combined in the Residential Construction Application form.

If the residential development permit is for a new building that will be larger than 47 sq. metres (506 sq. ft.), or an addition to or an alteration of an existing building that will result in the building being larger than 47 sq. metres (506 sq. ft.) the Abandoned Wells Confirmation Form must be submitted with a printout of the map(s) that was used to confirm the absence/presence of abandoned well(s) with the permit application form.


  1. Using the standards found in the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw, a development officer reviews the application. If a municipal address is required, one will be assigned. In certain circumstances, other departments may also review these plans.
  2. Once approved by the development officer, the application is examined by a safety codes officer. A building permit is issued at this stage.
  3. If an application is refused, an appeal can be made through the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, Churchill Building, 10019 103 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB, T5J 0G9,  Phone: 780-496-6079.


Generally there are four inspections conducted during the construction of any addition. The footing and foundation, framing, insulation and vapour barrier are inspected before a final building inspection is done. Contact our office at 311 to arrange inspections.

To prepare for the required inspections in occupied homes, please ensure:

  • an individual 18 years of age or older who is responsible for the property is present during the inspection
  • clear and unobstructed access to all areas of inspection is provided
  • all pets are securely contained

Please note: the Safety Codes Officers are required to wear shoes while performing their duties in your home.

Other Related Permits

If construction involves mechanical work - separate permits must be applied and paid for to cover the cost of that work. Please see

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City of Edmonton
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2023 Permit Fees

Effective January 1, 2023

Development permit is $335

Building permit fee and safety code fee is based on construction value

Value of Construction: $0 - $10,000
Building Permit Fee: $115
Safety Code Fee: $4.60

Value of Construction: $10,001-$50,000
Building Permit Fee: $365
Safety Code Fee: $14.60

Value of Construction: $50,001-$100,000
Building Permit Fee: $1,015
Safety Code Fee: $40.60

Value of Construction: Over $100,000
Building Permit Fee: $1,975
Safety Code Fee: $79.00

Construction value includes:

  1. Building components (all materials used in the construction of the building including all building services, electrical, fire alarm and detection systems, and fire protection equipment)
  2. Plumbing components (fixtures, drainage system, venting systems, water systems or any part thereof)
  3. Electrical components
  4. Heating components (systems and equipment for heating, ventilating and air-conditioning)

Construction value does NOT include furnishings, rugs, floor coverings, curtains, etc.

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