Planning applications received by the City in the Rutherford neighbourhood.

There are no current active planning applications in the Rutherford neighbourhood.


1035 127 Street SW

A planning application (map) has been approved for a property at 1035 127 Street SW.
The application proposed to rezone the property from Agriculture Zone (AG) to Urban Services Zone (US)
The proposed rezoning would allow the existing church to expand its building. The current AG zone allows for this Religious Assembly as a legal non-conforming building. The Urban Services (US) zone is necessary to make any alterations or additions.

The approved rezoning complies with the Rutherford Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan.

City Council Approval Date: Tuesday August 18, 2020

Reference File Number: LDA20-0063

Planner: Email Carla Semeniuk or call 780-496-1582 for more information.

1107 127 Street SW

A planning application (map) has been received for a property at 1107 127 Street SW.

The application proposes to rezone the property from Agricultural Zone (AG) to Site Specific Development Control Provision (DC).

The purpose of the proposed DC2 Provision and related neighbourhood plan amendment would allow for small-scale health services on the site, while maintaining the exterior character of the existing single detached house.

The proposed development regulations in the DC2 Provision will ensure new development and conversions are compatible with existing single family homes.

Public Engagement Session 

Citizens were invited to a drop-in public engagement session about a proposed rezoning at 1107 127 Street SW in the Rutherford neighbourhood.

Date: Tuesday December 4, 2018
Location: Johnny Bright School

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City Council Approval Date: June 4, 2019

Reference File Number: LDA18-0303

Planner: Email Anshu Gupta or call 780-496-5110 for more information.