Update: Bylaws Approved by City Council

The rezoning to Direct Control Development Provision (DC1) and the accompanying Amendment to the Mill Woods Station Area Redevelopment Plan, which will allow for redevelopment of the Mill Woods Town Centre shopping mall site, were approved at a City Council Public Hearing on July 10, 2017.

The application and Planning and Environment Services reports from the July 10 Public Hearing are available at City Council and Public Hearing Agendas, Minutes, and Videos. The meeting minutes will be available soon.

March Open House Update

A second Open House was held the evening of March 16, 2017. Over 400 people were counted in attendance through the evening. There was no formal program, but information and plans were available for viewing.

City staff answered questions regarding the proposed development, the Valley Line LRT, parking management, and the relocation of the Mill Woods Transit Centre.

View all the Information boards.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions and responses.

Read the Open House Feedback Summary.

Read the Complete Open House Feedback.

The City continues to work with the applicant to revise and review the application, taking into consideration the feedback from the public and reviewing agencies.

DC1 (Direct Control 1)

The purpose of the DC1 Zone (Direct Development Control Provision) is to provide for detailed, sensitive control of the use, development, siting and design of buildings as they relate to the Mill Woods Station Area Redevelopment Plan, which was approved in 2013.

Mill Woods Town Centre Small Site Map

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Next Steps

The application, which includes the proposed DC1 Zone, Mill Woods Station Area Redevelopment Plan Amendment, and a revised Traffic Impact Assessment, is under review by the City and other agencies. A Municipal Servicing Report, and an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), have been accepted and approved.

Once this review is complete, Planning and Environment Services will work with the applicants to address any identified or outstanding issues. Planning and Environment Services ensures that the proposal will comply with all relevant guidelines, policies, and best practices.

Once items have been resolved to the satisfaction of Planning and Environment Services, a recommendation and background report will be prepared to advise City Council.

The rezoning would then be scheduled for a Public Hearing of City Council. Property owners in the vicinity of the site will receive mailed notice of the date, and the hearing will be advertised in the newspaper.

Proposed Rezoning Overview

The City has received an application for rezoning and an amendment to an Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) for the Mill Woods Town Centre shopping mall site.

The proposed rezoning is from CSC (Shopping Centre zone) to DC1 (Direct Development Control Provision zone). The amendment to the Mill Woods Station ARP would support this rezoning.

This proposal would allow the site to change over time from a low-density shopping mall and commercial area, to a higher-density mixed-use centre.

The highest density of uses would be located toward the northeast corner of the site, near the future Mill Woods LRT station and transit terminal.

This would include residential uses such as row-housing, mid-rise apartments, and high-rise apartments. Commercial uses could include retail and services at the base of residential buildings, office buildings, and the possibility of retaining or redeveloping the shopping mall in some form.

Automotive-oriented commercial services and low-density, large-format retail would be permitted only along 23 Avenue NW.

DC1 (Direct Control 1) zone

The purpose of the DC1 Zone (Direct Development Control Provision) is to provide for detailed, sensitive control of the use, development, siting and design of buildings as they relate to the Mill Woods Station Area Redevelopment Plan, which was approved in 2013.

Key features of the proposal:

  • Up to 1,750 residential units, in various configurations including row housing, mid-rise buildings, and high-rise buildings
  • Commercial space up to 69,700 m2 (750,000 ft2); up from the 46,500 m2 (500,000 ft2) currently developed on the site
  • Minimum densities of development
  • Pedestrian and transit-oriented development
  • A network of new roads and lanes on a grid, designed in accordance with the City’s Complete Street Guidelines, providing safe routes for walking, cycling, driving, and transit
  • Built form, site design, and mix of uses in accordance with the City’s Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Guidelines
  • Publicly-accessible green space and recreational space, including a wide central boulevard running north-south with areas for patios, plazas, gardens, small parks and other spaces throughout the site
  • The Mill Woods ETS bus terminal may be relocated closer to the LRT station, which is planned for service by 2020
  • Development uses, intensity, and built form controlled according to sub-areas of the site

Current Site

Mill Woods Town Centre aerial view

The current Mill Woods Town Centre mall property includes a shopping mall, grocery store, three-storey professional office building, gas bar, several retail and fast-food pads, and undeveloped areas of land.

It is bounded by 28 Avenue NW to the north, Hewes Way NW to the east, 23 Avenue NW to the south, and 66 Street NW to the west. The site, outlined in blue, does not include the Mill Woods Library or the existing ETS bus terminal on Hewes Way.