Drawing of proposed development

Proposed rezoning, road closures, and plan amendment for lands near 78 Avenue NW and 114 Street to allow for two mid-rise apartment buildings

A planning application has been received to rezone the properties located near 78 Avenue NW and 114 Street NW. This proposal includes 11416, 11419, 11420 and 11423 78 Avenue NW as shown in the proposed rezoning map. 

Associated applications to close portions of public roads for increased land assembly for this development and proposed amendments to the McKernan-Belgravia Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) are sought to accommodate this application.

The applicant's project name for the proposal is Metro 78. 

About The Application


This application has been revised since it was first received by the City on February 21, 2020.

The initial rezoning proposal was for lots located at 11416 and 11419 78 Avenue NW to allow for 2 (two) 4-storey low rise residential buildings. As a result of the City’s review and public feedback, the applicant has decided to revise their proposal and include lots located at 11420 and 11423 78 Avenue NW to allow for a development with 2 mid-rise residential buildings with the following features:

  • A maximum height of 23.0 metres, approximately 7 storeys (previously 14.5 metres, approximately 4 storeys)
  • Up to 71 residential dwellings per building (previously 55 dwellings per building)
  • A maximum Floor Area Ratio of 4.0 (previously 2.45)
  • Facade ‘stepbacks’ for storeys above 14.5 metres to reduce the perceived mass of a 7-storey building
  • Community Amenity Contribution in the form of a public plaza between the new buildings
  • Provisions for family-oriented dwellings

Road Closures

The application continues to include the proposed public open space between the buildings along 78 Avenue but will remain Road Right-of-Way (ROW), while the proposal seeks to close portions of 114 Street west of the LRT tracks, and a neighbouring north/south lane south of 78 Avenue between the site and LRT tracks.

New 6.0m wide (previously 5.0m) north/south lanes are proposed along the western boundaries of the revised area of application to provide connections to the remaining lanes and to provide access to the proposed development.

Area Redevelopment Plan Amendments

This application includes proposed amendments to the McKernan-Belgravia Station Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) to amend current policies that do not support a development of this intensity at this location. Additional information for this associate proposal is included in the Proposed McKernan-Belgravia Station Redevelopment Plan.

Thank You for Your Feedback

Edmontonians were invited to share their feedback on this proposed rezoning through the City’s online virtual engagement tool from August 16 to September 6, 2021.

Input from Edmontonians will be used to ensure the review of the application takes local context into consideration and is as complete as possible. Feedback will also be summarized in the report to City Council when the proposed rezoning goes to a future City Council Public Hearing for a decision.

What We Heard Report