Planning applications received by the City in the Kiniski Gardens neighbourhood.


3804 38 Street NW

A planning application has been approved for a property at 3804 38 Street NW.
The application had two components: a plan amendment and a rezoning

The application proposed to amend a portion of the Burnewood Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan Concept Map from school/park to institutional land uses to allow for the development of institutional uses including Private and Public Education Services. The amendment will also update the land use statistics.

The rezoning proposed to rezone the property from Urban Reserve Zone (AGU) to Public Parks Zone (AP) and Urban Services Zone (US)

The AP zone will allow for park uses while the US zone will allow for institutional uses including but not limited to: 

  • Public Education Services
  • Private School Services
  • Child Care Services
  • Religious Assembly

Thank You for Your Feedback

From October 19 to November 9, 2020, feedback was collected online through the new Engaged Edmonton online virtual engagement tool in lieu of an in-person engagement session. A What We Heard Report has been created that summarizes the feedback received. This report will be shared with City Council if and when this application proceeds forward to a Public Hearing. 

What We Heard Report

Council Approval Date: Tuesday December 08, 2020

Reference File Number: LDA19-0561

Planner: Email Stuart Carlyle or call 780-496-6068