Artistic rendering of proposed Village at ICE District

An application to redevelop lands north of Rogers Place, generally between 105 Avenue NW and 106 Avenue NW and from the lane between 101 Street NW and 102 Street NW to 104 Street.

The City has received an application to redevelop lands north of Rogers Place, generally between 105 Avenue NW and 106 Avenue NW and from the lane between 101 Street NW and 102 Street NW to 104 Street. The applicant’s proposed name for the redevelopment area is Village at ICE District.

The application has two main components: a  proposed rezoning (map) and proposed changes (5.26 MB) to the Central McDougall/Queen Mary Park Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP). If approved by Council, it would allow for the development of a high-density, mixed-use urban village with a range of housing types and a mix of retail and commercial space.

Thank You for Your Feedback

Edmontonians were invited to share their feedback on the proposed rezoning and plan amendment from April 4 to 24, 2022, via the City’s online Engaged Edmonton platform.  

There was also an opportunity for the public to provide feedback via the Engaged Edmonton page on how to spend $150,000 allocated towards the creation of a public amenity within the Central McDougall neighbourhood. The City received this money from the landowner of the proposed rezoning site as the result of negotiations on a previous application, which allowed for some land north of Rogers Place to be used as a temporary surface parking lot.

What We Heard Report

How will Feedback Be Used?

We appreciate your feedback and will use it to:

  • inform the City’s planning analysis and ensure all factors are taken into consideration
  • help inform conversations with the applicant about making revisions to address concerns; and
  • summarize feedback for City Council so that they know your perspective prior to making a decision

A summary of what we hear from this engagement will be posted on this webpage and provided to City Council when the application advances to Public Hearing for a decision. 

When the applicant is ready to take the application to Council, notices of the Public Hearing date will be sent to surrounding property owners. You can register to speak at the City Council Public Hearing or listen online. Learn more information about how to speak to Council. You can also submit written comments to City Council through the Office of the City Clerk (

What Information is Considered When Making a Decision?

City Council considers City administration’s review and recommendations when making decisions on proposed rezonings and plan amendments. Administration’s role is to ensure the process is publicly transparent, follows legislated requirements and to work with the public and the applicant to bring the best possible proposal forward to Council for consideration.

The City reviews the rezoning application based on:

  • Approved policies, plans and guidelines
  • Planning analysis (how the proposed zone fits into the neighbourhood)
  • Technical information (traffic impacts, water and sewer capacity, other related information); and
  • Public input (feedback from the public will be summarized in the final report to Council)

Zoning regulates what types of buildings are allowed on a site (like residential or commercial) and the basic size and shape of those buildings. 

It does not control who can live or work in the buildings or whether the property is rented or owned. As a result, these factors cannot be taken into consideration as part of the rezoning application review.

There are a variety of bylaws and legislative tools outside the Zoning Bylaw, such as the Community Standards Bylaw , to ensure developments and businesses are well operated if they are approved.