Planning applications received by the City in the Holyrood neighbourhood.


8016 95 Avenue NW

planning application (map) has been received for 8016 95 Avenue NW. This application proposes to rezone the site from Semi-detached Residential Zone (RF4) to Low Rise Apartment Zone (RA7).

The proposal would allow for a 16 metre high (approximately 4 storey) residential building with limited commercial opportunities at ground level, such as Child Care Services, General Retail Stores and Specialty Food Services.

City Council Approval Date: December 7, 2021

Reference File Number: LDA21-0354

Planner: Email Marco Beraldo or call 780-496-6092 for more information.

Proposed Road Closure: Service road between 93 Avenue NW and 95 Avenue NW

A planning application (map) has been made to close the service road between 93 Avenue NW and 95 Avenue NW, adjacent to the east side of 85 Street NW in the Holyrood neighbourhood.

Once closed, the closure area will be consolidated with the adjacent lot to the east at 8310 93 Avenue to create a larger lot.

Council Approval Date: June 23, 2021

Reference File Number: LDA20-0151

Planner: Email Sean Conway or call 780-496-5809

9312 and 9320 83 Street NW

A planning application (map) has been approved for properties at 9312 and 9320 83 Street NW.

The application proposed to rezone the properties from Single Detached Residential Zone (RF1) to Row Housing Zone (RF5).
The rezoning of the two neighbouring properties would enable the development of multi-unit housing.

Council Approval Date: Tuesday December 8, 2020

Reference File Number: LDA20-0207

Planner: Email Cyndie Prpich or call 780-944-0115

7507 98 Avenue NW

A planning application (map) has been received for a property at 7507 98 Avenue NW. This application proposes to rezone the site from Single Detached Residential Zone (RF1) to Neighborhood Convenience Commercial Zone (CNC)

The rezoning would allow for convenience commercial and personal service uses, which are intended to serve the day-to-day needs for the residents within residential neighbourhoods.

City Council Approval Date: November 25, 2019

Reference File Number: LDA19-0163

Planner: Email Stuart Carlyle or call 780-496-6068 for more information.

Holyrood Gardens Redevelopment Proposal (8310 and 8311 on 93 Avenue NW)

A planning application is being processed to redevelop 8310 and 8311 on 93 Avenue NW.

The initial proposal was for mixed use, high density, transit oriented development. It included up to 1,200 dwelling units, with several medium and high-rise buildings. Seven buildings were proposed in total. A Public Hearing was held on November 27, 2017. City Council referred this rezoning proposal back to Administration for additional work.

​City Council Public Hearing Rescheduled Date: Monday July 9, 2018

City Council Approval Date: Monday July 9, 2018

Reference File Number: LDA17-0132

Planner: Email Kristen Rutherford or call 780-442-5047 for more information.

9412, 9418, 9424 and 9420 83 Street NW

A planning application (map) has been received for a rezoning of four neighbouring sites at 9412, 9418, 9424 and 9420 83 Street NW.

The applicant proposes rezoning the four neighbouring sites from Medium Density Multiple Family Zone (RF6), to Site Specific Development Control Provision (DC2). This proposed DC2 zoning would allow for a 5-storey residential building, with a mix of apartment units and rowhouse units.

Open House

January 24, 2018

An open house was held the evening of January 24, 2018, at the South East Edmonton Seniors Association. Approximately 41 people attended. Feedback received has been collected in a What We Heard Report.

Urban Design Brief

Sun Shadow Study

City Council Public Hearing Date: Monday May 7, 2018

City Council Approval Date: Monday May 7, 2018

Reference File Number: LDA17-0605

Planner: Email Sean Lee or call 780-496-6121 for more information.

9114 75 Street NW

A planning application (map) has been approved to rezone land at 9114 75 Street NW. The low rise apartment building on the site had not complied with the previous Semi-detached Residential Zone (RF4) zoning. The approved rezoning to Low Rise Apartment Zone (RA7) brings the site into conformance with the Zoning Bylaw.

Holyrood Demographic Profile

City Council Public Hearing Date: Wednesday November 15, 2017, Agenda Item 3.3, Bylaw 18189 

City Council Approval Date: Wednesday November 15, 2017

Reference File Number: LDA17-0139

Planner: Email Sean Lee or call 780-496-6121 for more information.


Holyrood Gardens Proposed Zoning Adjustments

A planning application has been received to rezone 8310 93 Avenue NW and 8311 93 Avenue NW.

The proposed rezoning is from an existing Site-Specific Development Control Provision (DC2.1001) to a new Site-Specific Development Control Provision (DC2). The existing DC2.1001 Provision was approved on July 9, 2018 and allows for a major high-density primarily residential development which includes 8 buildings and up to 1200 residential units on these 2 properties.

Council Motion and Response

At a Public Hearing on May 11, 2021 (item 3.25), City Council passed the following motion with regards to this application:

"That Bylaw 19681 be referred back to Administration to revert the appendices to as shown in DC2.1001 and revert the maximum Height, Density, and floor plate size as shown in DC2.1001, and return to the August 17, 2021, City Council Public Hearing."

In response, the applicant has proposed a revised version of the DC2 Provision that meets most, but not all, of the directions contained in the motion. Most notably:

  • They are still proposing an increase in density above 1,200 dwellings, but this time to 1,450 instead of 1,650.
  • The zoning requirements for the number of 2 bedroom units and family oriented units are also proposed to be increased proportionally to 544 and 145, respectively.
  • They are no longer proposing any built form changes. Building shapes, heights and tower floor plate sizes will remain the same as what is currently approved.
  • Along with adjusting parking regulations in response to Open Option Parking, they are proposing an overall maximum number of parking spaces of 1,425. This is inclusive of residential parking, visitor parking and parking for commercial uses. Only 25 spaces would be allowed as surface parking and the rest would be in underground parkades.
  • The 1,425 parking spaces is effectively the maximum that is allowed for the currently approved 1,200 units, so this means that while they are seeking an increase in the number of dwellings, there would not be an associated increase in the number of parking spaces from what is already approved.
  • The appendices have been updated to more accurately reflect requirements in the text of the zone such as showing the buildings accurately 14 metres apart and matching the size of the Publicly Accessible Private Park to the size requirement in the text.
  • The required size of the Publicly Accessible Private Park is proposed to increase from 1,000 to 1,150 square metres.
  • The required developer-paid improvements to the 93 Avenue Transit-Oriented Development Corridor as was most recently proposed are maintained.
  • Other administrative changes recently proposed are still maintained.
    • There is also one new administrative change proposed, which is the elimination of the Developer-Sponsored Affordable Housing requirement currently required by City Policy C582. There is work underway to repeal this policy and if Council approves it, this would likely occur before this rezoning returns to Council on August 17, 2021.
    • For more information about why this repeal is being considered, you can view the agenda and minutes of the March 23, 2021 Urban Planning Committee (Item 6.1). Of course, if by the time this rezoning goes back to Council, this policy is still in effect, the DC2 Provision will still retain this requirement.

The proposed DC2 Provision is very similar to the existing one but with the allowable number of units increased to 1,450 residential units, with all the additional units being on the north side of 93 Avenue NW.

Other notable proposed changes are to the parking requirements (to align with the recently approved Open Option Parking) and the shape and height of some buildings. There are also some other minor changes that have little or no tangible land use impact.

Thank You for Your Feedback

From November 9-30, 2020, feedback was collected online through the new Engaged Edmonton online virtual engagement tool in lieu of an in-person engagement session.

A What We Heard Report has been created that summarizes the feedback received. This report will be shared with City Council if and when this application proceeds forward to a Public Hearing.

What We Heard Report

This application was refused by City Council at the August 17, 2021 Public Hearing

Reference File Number: LDA20-0229

Planner: Email Marty Vasquez or call 780-496-6054 to provide feedback or for more information.