Planning applications received by the City in the Griesbach neighbourhood.


13703 Castle Downs Road NW

planning application (map) has been received for a property at 13703 Castle Downs Road NW.

The application proposes to rezone the property from an existing Site-Specific Development Control Provision (DC2.1144) to the Griesbach Medium-Rise Apartment Zone (RA8g).

The purpose of the rezoning application from DC2 to RA8g is to allow for 23-metre-high buildings (approximately 6 storeys) intended for residential uses such as multi-unit housing, lodging houses and supportive housing. The RA8g zone would also allow for limited commercial opportunities at ground level, such as child care services, general retail stores and specialty food services.

If the rezoning is approved, the site will be developed in conjunction with the RA8g property located immediately to the east at 5378 Admiral Girouard Street NW.

An  amendment (map) to the Griesbach Neighborhood Area Structure Plan (NASP) to redesignate the site from mixed-use to medium-density residential uses accompanies the proposed rezoning application. The NASP amendment proposes to update relevant text, the development concept map and neighbourhood statistics to align the plan with the rezoning application.

Council Public Hearing Date: To be determined

Reference File Number: LDA22-0417

Planner: Email Carla Semeniuk or call 780-496-1582 for more information


Text Amendments to the Griesbach Special Area Zones

A planning application has been approved to amend development regulations to Section 940 - Greisbach Special Area Zones in the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw.

The proposed text amendments to the current Griesbach Low-Density Residential (GLD), Griesbach Row Housing (RF5g) and Griesbach Low-Density Residential with Garden Suites (GLG) Zones are intended to increase the maximum site coverage for developments in order to provide additional construction flexibility for various building types.

Site coverage, as governed by the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw, is the maximum permitted building area footprint(s) allowed to be developed for low-density residential lots. The site coverage for buildings is represented by a maximum percentage of the site’s area typically categorized by building type (principal buildings vs accessory buildings, that is, single house vs detached garage), and the total cumulative site coverage for all buildings on a property. 

Council Public Hearing Date: Wednesday June 22, 2022

Reference File Number: LDA22-0042

Planner: Email Marty Vasquez or call 780-495-1948 for more information

9704 137 Avenue NW

A planning application (map) has been received for a property at 9704 137 Avenue NW on the northwest corner of 97 Street NW and 137 Avenue NW. The application proposes to rezone the 1.7 hectare (17,000 m2 ) site and amend the Griesbach Neighbourhood Structure Plan within the Village Centre to facilitate the rezoning. The application was made by Dialog on behalf of the developers (Deveraux, Tacada and Forum).  

Share Your Feedback

Edmontonians are invited to share their feedback on the rezoning online from November 29, 2021 to January 3, 2022 through the City’s Engaged Edmonton platform.

Input from Edmontonians will be used to make sure the City’s review of the application takes local context into consideration and is as complete as possible. Feedback will also be summarized in the report for City Council when the proposed rezoning goes to Public Hearing to ensure that Council is aware of the public’s perspectives prior to making a decision.

Proposed Rezoning

The application proposes to rezone the property from the Griesbach Village Centre Zone (GVC) to the Griesbach Medium-Rise Apartment Zone (RA8g). The proposed RA8g zone would allow for the development of mid-rise, multi-unit housing buildings with a maximum height of 23 metres (6 storeys) and a minimum density of 75 units per hectare. The applicant’s stated intent is to build two, 6 storey (23 metre) tall residential-only apartment buildings with approximately 200 units total (117 units per hectare) and 271 parking stalls (171 surface stalls and 120 underground stalls).

Plan Amendment 

The application also includes an associated amendment to the Griesbach Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan (NASP) within the Village Centre to facilitate the proposed rezoning. Currently, the approved neighbourhood plan requires buildings to be a mix of commercial and residential uses with a maximum height of 4 storeys. The proposed amendment would allow for free-standing medium to high-density residential only buildings up to a maximum of 6 storeys (23 metres) at this location.

The City has not yet taken a position of support or non-support on this application. The City’s position will be determined by a thorough analysis of the proposal that includes technical considerations (for example, traffic and drainage impacts) and alignment to applicable City land use-related plans and policies. 

Technical Documents

Council Approval Date: March 15, 2022

Reference File Number: LDA21-0342

Planner: Email Carla Semeniuk or call 780-496-1582 for more information