Planning applications received by the City in the Clareview Town Centre neighbourhood.


345 Clareview Station Drive NW, 4810 142 Avenue NW, and 3903, 4203 and 4223 144 Avenue NW

planning application (map) has been received for properties at 345 Clareview Station Drive NW, 4810 142 Avenue NW, and 3903, 4203 and 4223 144 Avenue NW.

The application proposes to rezone the properties from Public Parks Zone (AP), Direct Development Control Provision (DC1) and two existing Site Specific Development Control Provision (DC2) zones (DC2.701 and DC2.702) to the Public Parks Zone (AP), Low-Intensity Business Zone (CB1), Public Utility Zone (PU), Medium Rise Apartment Zone (RA8), and Row Housing Zone (RF5).

The proposed RA8 zone will allow for medium-rise multi-unit housing; the RF5 zone will allow for row housing; the CB1 zone will allow for low-intensity commercial, office and service uses; the AP zone will accommodate a public park, and the PU zone will accommodate the road right-of-way for Clareview Station Drive.

The application includes an amendment to the Clareview Town Centre Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan to align with the proposed rezoning.

Share Your Feedback

From August 15-September 5, 2022, feedback is being collected for this application through the City’s online virtual engagement tool.  Feedback will be used to make sure the City's review of the application takes local context into consideration and is as complete as possible, as well as to help inform conversations with the applicant about potential revisions to address concerns or opportunities raised.

Feedback will also be summarized in the report for City Council so that they are aware of the public’s perspectives before making a decision at a future Public Hearing.

Council Public Hearing Date: To be determined

Reference File Number: LDA22-0382

Planner: Email Thomas Lipiatt or call 780-442-5393 for more information