Proposed rezoning at the corner of 87 Avenue NW and 118 Street NW to allow for development of a mixed-use residential tower.

A planning application has been submitted to rezone land within the Windsor Park neighbourhood at 8709 118 Street NW. The applicant’s name for the project is Windsor Terrace.

Thanks for Your Feedback

From February 16-March 9, 2021, feedback was collected for this application through the City’s online virtual engagement tool, in lieu of an in-person engagement session. Feedback will be summarized in the report to City Council when the proposed rezoning goes to a future City Council Public Hearing for a decision.

What We Heard Report

About The Application (update April 2021)

The proposed rezoning is from a Site Specific Development Control  Provision (DC2) to a Site Specific Development Control Provision (DC2).

The current Site Specific Development Control Provision (DC2) allows for a mid-rise mixed use building (approximately 8 storeys) with commercial and residential components. 

The proposed Site Specific Development Control Provision (DC2) allows for a larger mixed use building with commercial and residential components. Key characteristics of the proposed zone include:

  • A maximum height of 34 metres (approximately 11 storeys)
  • A maximum density of 120 units
  • A maximum Floor Area Ratio of 5.8
  • Ground level commercial uses facing 87 Avenue NW
  • Ground level commercial and residential uses facing 118 Street
  • Underground and surface parking with access from the east-west and north-south lanes

Proposed commercial uses include: General Retail Stores, Restaurants and Specialty Food Services. A full list of proposed commercial uses can be found within the draft DC2 provision.

There is no plan in effect for the Windsor Park neighbourhood.