Final Grade

Final Grade Approval procedures and requirements for Residential Lot Grading.

This stage must be completed within 1 year of the Rough Grade Approval or within 60 days of the final grading being completed or within 30 months of the building permit being issued for the premises. The rough grade has been left approximately 7 to 20 cm below final grade for topsoil placement. The topsoil should be smoothly spread out, compacted and ready for sod, liners, or rocks.

If rocks, wood chips or other porous decorative material is planned, the clay base (rough grade) must be raised to final grade before placing the decorative material. Rocks or wood chips do not make up for the 7 to 20 cm of final grade, since surface water can flow through those materials.

If a property-owner bypasses the Rough Grade Approval, it is the builder's or applicant's responsibility to ensure that the roof leaders (downspouts) and foundation drainage systems are draining according to the approved engineering drawings.

Note: The owner of a lot located near a lake (Stormwater Management Facility), walkway or a ravine shall comply with the terms and conditions of any City of Edmonton registered easement, right-of-way, caveat or restrictive covenant. 

Final Grade Approval Procedure

  1. The owner has a Lot Grading Certificate prepared by a professional acceptable to the City Manager (for example, Alberta Land Surveyor).
  2. The Lot Grading Certificate is then submitted to City of Edmonton Development Services for approval. The homeowner must provide information for their preferred method of contact (fax, email or mail) to receive a Lot Grading Inspection Report.
  3. A Lot Grading Inspector will conduct a site inspection to verify that the lot is graded in accordance with the approved Lot Grading Plan and the Lot Grading Guidelines. This is usually done within 10 working days from processing of the certificate, depending on workload and weather conditions.
  4. The homeowner will receive an Inspection Report indicating that the Final Grade has been Passed (approved) or Failed (deficiencies exist).
  5. The homeowner must correct any deficiencies within 60 days (unless otherwise noted) and call 311 to notify City of Edmonton Development Services for re-inspection (applicable fees apply). If resubmission of Lot Grading Certificate is indicated, re-inspection cannot occur until receipt of the new Lot Grading Certificate.
  6. Deficiency items are labeled “left”, “right”, “front” and “back”. Orientation of these labels is determined by facing the front entrance of the home from the street.
  7. The homeowner will receive an approval report and the Lot Grading Certificate when Final Grade is approved.

The Lot Grading Inspector issues Final Grade Approval based on the site conditions at the time the inspector was present. It is the homeowner's responsibility to maintain the surface grades in perpetuity. The City of Edmonton may at any time, require maintenance or repairs on the lot grading if alterations or settlements result in surface drainage problems.

To initiate a Rough or Final Lot Grading Inspection, submit the lot grading certificate to Contact 311 to initiate a Rough or Final Lot Grading re-inspection.