Properties near or beside the river valley and ravine system have development restrictions to help preserve the stability of the slope and capacity of lake abuting EPCOR Stormwater Facilities. Many of these lots have a right-of-way, easement, or restrictive covenant registered on the title and on approved Lot grading plans regarding these restrictions including site servicing (downspout and foundation drainage). Please call 311 if you have any questions regarding an existing or proposed development in the vicinity of the valley and ravine system. For more information on site servicing requirements, please contact EPCOR Water Services Inc, Infill Water and Sewer Servicing at 780-496-5444 or email 

As per ​ EPCOR Drainage Services Wastewater Treatment Bylaw 19627 , property owners must comply with the terms and conditions of any restrictive covenant, easement agreement, utility right-of-way, or any other document that is registered on the certificate of title for their property. These encumbrances are intended to protect ravines, natural areas, structures, ditches, swales, overflow areas, or other drainage features like Stormwater Facilities. These documents can be obtained from a licensed registry agent or Government of Alberta Spatial Information System sign in with an account or as a guest. Any and all such encumbrances should be checked prior to creating landscape design features to avoid non-compliance Bylaw violations (such as, decorative ponds or retaining wall features). 

Lot Grading Certificates for properties located adjacent to Stormwater Facilities are required to display the location and elevation of all features constructed within the maintenance and overflow area (Registered on title as a Restrictive Covenant). Features to note include, but are not limited to: decks, fire pits, ponds, paths, bridges, retaining walls, buildings, raised gardens or grade alterations. Inclusion of these details are required for review to evaluate the impact these features may have on surface runoff and stormwater storage requirements.

NOTE: As of September 1, 2017 Stormwater Facilities are owned and operated by EPCOR Water Services Inc. For more information visit