Proper lawn maintenance including fertilizing, watering, aerating and thatch removal is recommended for healthy growth.

  • Mow grass frequently to 5-6 cm height.
  • Provide occasional deep watering to your lawn rather than frequent light sprinkling.
  • Remove thatch when it is thicker than 1.5 cm.
  • Aerate when signs of soil compaction are evident.
  • Weed encroachment into established grass usually occurs when it becomes weak and thin due to improper watering or fertilizing, environmental stress such as drought, intense wear from vehicle or foot traffic, insect diseases or rodent damage.
  • Remove weeds before they form seeds. Hand pulling or chemical control are options.
  • If using chemical control, follow product directions carefully.
  • Avoid herbicide drift, since many flowering plants, trees and shrubs are susceptible to herbicides.
  • Keep children off treated areas for 2 days or until rainfall or watering has occurred.